CSC/IUE Employment

Research Administrator for Astronomy (8/92-12/94):

Duties: enhancement of proposal writing by CSC astronomers, and the liaison between them and NSF/NASA. Developed system for efficient spendout of funds. CSC contracts peaked during this period, and communications between NASA and CSC astronomers became most efficient.

IUE Satellite Final Data Archiving Project (1992-1997):

Responsible for creation/development of scientific imaging algorithms for high dispersion echelle spectra, directing several staff in data analysis. This included development of routines for automated removal of background for the first time in the 18-yr history of IUE Project. Recent innovations are design of dynamic slit extraction and practical calibration of SWP wavelengths. IUE Project T-shirts showing comparison of these reductions vs results from old ones. Heavy reliance on experience with optical instrumentation and signal analysis techniques.These algorithms permitted a gain of a factor of two in the spectral signal-to-noise ratio over the old (IUESIPS) processings.

IUE Image Processing Astronomer (9/88- 7/90):

Responsible for pipeline processing of all IUE data.
Managed 7 technical staff for automated spectral reduction of IUE images for initial archiving of IUE data. Wrote job definition for two staff categories.
Detection of processing incompatibilities and initiation of s/w modifications.

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