Pre-CSC Employment

National Solar Observatory (9/80-8/88): Associate Astronomer of NOAO

Group Leader, Solar-Stellar Connection:
Hired/supervised two technical personnel, an observer and opt./electronic engr.
Project Scientist for Solar-Stellar Spectrograph on McMath Solar Telescope.
Supervised construction of several optical components and Si-diode detectors.
Supervised TAC evaluation of proposals and allocations of visitors, service time.
Wrote software to reduce Reticon spectra for user community.

University of Texas at Austin (9/73-8/80): Assistant Professor

Enhanced spectrographic capabilities with NSF grant.
Full teaching duties. Project Scientist for 2.1-m. Telecope Coude Spectrograph.
Initiated/supervised construction of several mechanical/optical components.
Awarded three NSF grants during 1977-80.

Academic Supervision of Graduate Research:
One PhD dissertation, 3 Masters theses, two second-year research projects.

University of Toledo (9/72-6/73): Assistant Professor.

Full teaching duties. Supervised research projects for two graduate students.

University of Calif., Santa Cruz (1/71-8/72):

Lick Observatory Postdoctoral Fellow. Completed work on 7 research projects defining physical parameter space for Am stars using spectra from two Lick Coude instruments.

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