Recent Awards and Honors

2001: Recipient of CSC President's Excellence Award, Civil Group.

2001: Press release requested by AAS for AAS Poster on scrapbook, Jan. 2001

2000: First place in CSC/Civil Honorarium Competition, sciences.

1998-9: Elected Chair, Scientific Organizing Committee for IAU Colloq. No. 175 on Be Stars in Alicante, Spain, in June 1999.

1998: Asked to write popular article for ASP's Mercury magazine on UV/X-ray research on the Be star gamma Cassiopeia (June, 1998 issue). 1997: Press release requested by AAS for AAS Poster in January 1997 meeting.

1996: Elected member of American Astronomical Society Committee on Employment (national).

1994-7: Elected Chair of International Astronomical Union Working Group on Active Be Stars (> 350 members).

1993: Publicly cited for most interesting invited paper in IAU Symposium No. 162,
(International Astronomical Union conference on Rotation, Pulsation in B stars)

1992: Outstanding Service Citation as Program Director, by NSF Director Walter Massey.

1991: Invited contributor of 2 articles for Astronomy & Ap. Reference Encyclopedia (Van Nostrand, 1992).

1991: First Place in CSC/SSD Division Honorarium competition for research paper.

1990: Honorable Mention in CSC/SSD Division Honorarium Competition.

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Last updated on 23 July 2001