Research Highlights

My primarly scientific expertise lies in observational and numerical analysis of
temporal activity in stellar atmospheres and signal processing of spectral data.
Here are some detailed highlights:

1) 1996: Found X-ray/UV/optical link of initial outburst event in a Be star.

2) 1996: Resolved radiative transfer problem concerning equal emissions of
singlet & triplet lines of HeI lines in Be star spectra.

3) 1993: Demonstration that magnetic flaring processes constitute the most
probable mechanism behind the outbursts of classical Be stars.

4) Late 1970's: Discovery of a new class of variables (nonradial pulsating B stars).

5) Mid 1970's: Application of Fourier techniques for optimized signal recovery
of spectral line profiles. See appendix on reviews.

I devote ~20 hrs/week to writing letters of recommendation for junior colleagues, correspondences, refereeing of papers for astronomical journals, telescope panels, and funding agencies, and astronomical research.

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Last updated 22 October 1997