Academic Teaching

University of Texas, Department of Astronomy (1973-80)

Participated in largest undergraduate teaching program for astronomy in US; two courses per semester. Taught grad courses on stellar atmospheres theory and spectroscopy several times.

(1) Created "Stars and Stellar Evolution" undergrad course. Treated stellar evolution in detail; still taught at the UT.
(2) Co-created observing techniques course for photometry and spectroscopy with M. Breger at McDonald Observatory. Taught spectroscopic and detector instrumentation, observing strategies for optimal observing efficiency, data reduction techniques.

Degrees Supervised:
Supervised one PhD (Bruhweiler), co-supervised one PhD. (Kurtz), supervised two
masters (Campos, Dominy), three 2nd-yr. students.

University of Toledo, Dept. of Physics & Astronomy (1972-3)

Taught graduate & undergraduate courses in basic astronomy. Supervised two students in 2nd yr. projects.
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