Dr. Ori Fox, Associate Scientist


I am an Associate Scientist at STScI working on the JWST Mid-Infrared Instrument (MIRI).  As we prepare the software, documentation, and user tools, my focus is on the infrared sensors and technologies.  My science research includes supernovae and their progenitors, which will be a big part of JWST science.

Research Interests

-Supernovae; Supernova dust

-CSM Interaction

-Supernovae Progenitors

-Gamma-Ray Bursts

-Infrared Detectors & Instrumentation:


-UPDATE: JWST Integrated Science Instrument Module (ISIM) enters a deep-freeze for CV3 (pictured on right).

email: ofox[at]stsci.edu

twitter: @fox_ori

mail: Space Telescope Science Institute

3700 San Martin Dr

Baltimore, MD 21218