AAS - American Astronomical Society

AAVSO - American Association of Variable Star Observers

BdL - Bureau des Longitudes

BdL - Bureau des Longitudes: Ephemerides de corps du Systeme Solaire

CCD resources

CBAT - Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams

ESO - European Southern Observatory

IAC - Instituto Astrofisico de Canarias

IBVS - International Bulletin of Variable Stars

ICARUS - International Journal of Solar System Studies

IDA - International Dark-Sky Association

IOTA - International Timing and Ocultations Association

ISU - International Space University

JPL - Jet Propulsion Lab ftp server Explorer

JPL - Jet Propulsion Lab WWW home page

JPL - Jet Propulsion Lab Galileo mission to Jupiter

JPL - Jet Propulsion Lab Cassini: Voyage to Saturn

JPL - Jet Propulsion Lab Comet observations

JPL - Jet Propulsion Lab Welcome to the planets hiperlink guided tour.

Ron Baalke's calendar notes

NASA - Planetary gif images at Ames Research Center

NASA - Today@NASA (press releases)

Nova Web - Information about Novas, Supernovas & cataclismic variable stars.

NSSDC - National Space Science Data Center

Pic du Midi - S2P (Station de Planetologie des Pyrenees)

Pic du Midi - S2P: The best animatinons (CineMars, SL9/Jupiter, ...)

Pic du Midi - S2P: Jupiter pictures to support Galileo mission

Remote & Robotic telescopes

SEDS - Students for the Exploration and Development of Space

Sky online - Sky Publishing Co.

Space movie archive at Universite de Rennes.

TASS - The Amateur Sky Survey project.

VSNET - Variable Stars Network

These are some servers that offer long lists of astronomical pointers.

Ames Area Amateur Astronomers

AstroWeb mirror copy at ESA's Villafranca facility (Spain).

U.S. Geological Survey's list of Astronomy servers.

The Astronomical Resources list at STSCI.

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