XO Project

About the XO Project

Core XO team members include the following:


XO is funded primarily by the Origins program of NASA (NAG5-13130); in the past decade, funds have been provided by the Sloan Foundation, the Research Corporation, and the US National Science Foundation.


A large number of persons have made significant contributions to the XO project. Beth Bye and Chris Dodd helped deploy the initial prototype on Maui. The University of Hawaii staff have made the operation on Maui possible; we thank especially Bill Giebink, Les Hieda, Jeff Kuhn, Haosheng Lin, Mike Maberry, Joey Perreira, and Kaila Rhoden. We benefited from discussions with Gaspar Bakos, Ron Bissinger, Fred Chromey, Bruce Gary, Ron Gilliland, Leslie Hebb, James McCullough, Margaret Meixner, Kailash Sahu, and Tony Vanmunster. We benefited from the following computer programs that are acknowledged because in addition to being essential, the are also freely distributed on the Internet: rsync by Andrew Tridgell, Paul Mackerras, et al., vnc by Tristan Richardson, et al. (1998), ssh 2 by Markus Friedl, et al., transit light-curve simulators by Mandel & Agol (2002), bls by Kovacs et al. (2002), and match by Michael Richmond.

Last modified: March 12, 2006