XO Project


Elevation map of Maui


The observatory is located on the 3054 meter summit of Haleakala on Maui, Hawaii.


The XO Mark I system employs twin 200mm Canon EF200 lenses at f/1.8. This yields a plate scale of 1.058"/µm when coupled with the CCD detectors described below.


The Apogee Ap8p CCD detectors are 1024x1024 arrays with with 24µm pixels. Each detector covers 7.2 degrees on the sky and at 25.4"/pixel.

Paramount ME

Telescope Mount

The German equatorial mount, a Paramount ME from Software Bisque Inc., is operated in drift scan mode through a custom VB script controlling The Sky software. The mount scans at sidereal rate in right ascension, and at a rate of 478"/sec in declination.


The filters used allow roughly 95% transmission of light between 400nm and 700nm. They are 50mm in diameter and 3.3mm thick and are produced by Edmund Optics Inc. (NT54-517).


The BakerNunn building employs a cable-driven roll-off roof, driven by a 1/4 HP gear motor.

Last modified: March 17, 2005