This Weblog will be maintained intermittently by Peter McCullough,
the principal investigator of the XO Project.

2007 Feb 19:    XO-DR1 = XO Data Release 1, a single 7 deg x 7 deg field of XO photometry.

2007 Jan 15:    XO-1 observed by HST FGS, first epoch for parallax.

2006 Jun 05:    XO-1 observed with Keck natural guide star adaptive
		optics (Mike Liu, IFA).

2006 Jun 02: 	The STScI spam eliminator is filing some emails regarding
		XO-1 in my junkmail folder which fills too fast for me
		to empty it manually. If you have emailed me and received
		no reply at all, try again or call.

2006 Jun 01: 	We posted the XO Survey Photometry for XO-1.

2006 May 30: 	We're still working on our Hubble and Spitzer programs.
		Thanks to those of you that have expressed interest. Please
		bear with us and check this web log occasionally.

2006 May 20: 	We are pleased by the inquiries that ask how a person or
		group can assist the XO Project to find XO-N with N=2,3,...
		We hope to respond within a week or two. We are very
		heavily committed to the "May 19" activities below.

2006 May 19: 	McCullough et al are refining Spitzer AORs and 
		Hubble Phase II reports. Those define the observations of XO-1
		that will be scheduled on two of NASA's Great Observatories.

2006 May 18: 	XO-1 ApJ preprint delivered to Astroph.