The Herbig-Bell Catalog

The digital version of the Herbig-Bell Catalog is now available to read and search over the World Wide Web. The links below will move you to the indicated pages. The catalog is divided into 4 sections due to the length of the table. The division is not ideal (i.e., there are not the same number of stars in each section), but an attempt was made to break the list at a logical position. The HBC number on the first page of each pair is linked to the line of entries for that star on the second page, so activating that link will display the second page at the position of the selected star. This means that the selected line will appear at the top of the window (except near the end of each section since we never see past the end). The remarks are linked to the catalog entries through the * in the remarks column on page one. The HBC numbers on the remarks page return you to the entry for the star on the first page of table. The references are linked to the abstract for the paper, when it is available on line (via the Astrophysics Data System's Astronomy and Astrophysics Abstract Service). Navigation buttons have been placed at the top and bottom of each page to allow you to move easily between the catalog sections. The numbered buttons link to the first page of the indicated section.

If you are using the Mosaic browser, a search box will be brought up upon hitting the s key, allowing you to instantly find the object you desire. The default search is caseless, but the location of spaces must be correct. Also note that the search is always forward through the file unless you specify a backwards search.

It is possible that some of the links are not correct. Please report such problems to the email address at the botton of this page so the errors can be fixed.

Until the script used for the form-based search passes a security analysis, it will not be installed at the Penn State site. (It has not failed: it simply has not yet been tested.) A link to the UMass form is provided here. Once into the UMass site, links will be to other portions of the UMass HTML HBC.

For the time being both the remarks and the references will remain single files. Because of its size, the remarks file may someday be split into two files.

Tables 2 and 3 of the HBC were not included on the tape. They may be added to this HTML version of the HBC in the future.

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The original HTML version of the Herbig-Bell Catalog was prepared by Karen Strom.

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Last update: 1999 February 19