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ESA, Science Operations Development Division
Space Telescope Science Institute
3700 San Martin Drive
Baltimore, MD 21218, USA
+1-410-338 4396 (phone)
+1-410-338 2617 (fax)

Place of birth: Göteborg, Sweden
Citizenship : Swedish



2002-present: ESA Astronomer at the STScI in Baltimore, employed by the European Space Agency, Science Operations Development Division

2000-2008 : Associate Professor in Astrophysics at Chalmers Institute of Technology, Sweden

1997-2000 : Assistant Professor in Astrophysics at Chalmers Institute of Technology, Onsala Space Observatory, Sweden - Funded by the Swedish National Research Council

1996-1997 : Paid Associate at the European Southern Observatory, stationed in Chile and working at the Swedish-ESO Submm Telescope (SEST)

1992-1996 : Research Assistant at Onsala Space Observatory, Sweden

1994-1995 : Research Assistance} Stationed at the Swedish-ESO Submillimeter telescope (SEST) in Chile

1990-1992 : Postdoc at Observatoire de Meudon in France funded by the Swedish National Research Council

1984-1990 : Assistant to prof. Olof Rydbeck (before and during my PhD studies)



1995 : Docent in Radio-astrophysics at Chalmers Institute of Technology. Docent is the highest post-PhD degree (i.e. Habitilation) in the Swedish academic system.

1990 : PhD, Doctor of Technology at Chalmers Institute of Technology. Thesis title: Molecular clouds and star formation in galaxies. Thesis advisors: Ake Hjalmarson and Gustaf Rydbeck.

1984 : Fil. Kand (Bachelor degree) from the University of Göteborg. The Swedish Bachelor degree consists of 120 credits (20 credits per semester). My undergraduate program included: Mathematics (46 credits), Physics (80 credits) and Radiation physics (60 credits). I also studied Astronomy and Astrophysics (60 credits) at the University of Lund.


A Brief Summary

I am currently working as Astronomer for the European Space Agency (ESA), stationed at the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) in Baltimore, MD. My ESA assignment is a six year contract, recently extended to seven years due to the upcoming HST Servicing Mission.

I have been Associate professor at Onsala Space Observatory since 1997. I spent two years in Chile, 1995-1997, working at the Swedish-ESO Submillimeter Telescope (SEST). I was a post-doc at Onsala Space Observatory 1992 -1995. I spent two years in Paris, France as a post-doc in 1990-1992. I received my PhD in 1990 at the Chalmers University of Technology in Göteborg Sweden.

My research can roughly be divided into three areas: molecular gas in nearby galaxies, molecular absorption lines at intermediate redshift, and the study of high redshift galaxies at rest-frame optical wavelengths with the aim of deriving the stellar mass function at high redshift. In addition, I have used submm continuum data, both pointed observations and survey work, to study the star formation properties of galaxies at both low and high redshifts. I have also done work on modelling gravitational lenses and constructed codes for image deconvolution and for using population synthesis modeling.

In my research activities I make use of satellite based observations ranging from the UV to the infrared. I have a background in radio-astronomy, specifically in the millimeter and sub-mm regime. Recently I have used multiwavelenght, UV/Optical and NIR/IR data, both imaging and spectroscopic, as well as radio continuum data, to study very high redshift galaxies using population synthesis models.

To date (September 2008) I have 74 publications in refereed journals, 98 conference proceedings and abstracts. i have contributed to two books and several popular articles on a wide range of astronomical topics.

I have been referee for a large number of papers in all the major journals, including Nature and Science. I have participated in evaluation of applications for the Swedish Physics Committee (the equivalent of NSF) on a number of occasions. I have been on the selection committees for several job positions. I have been member of several PhD Committees, both within Sweden and abroad. I served as Secretary for the Swedish National Committee for astronomy 1996-2002 (a subunit of the Royal Swedish Academy). I served as the Swedish representative on the ESO OPC 1997-2000 and on the OPC panels 1997-2000 and 2005-2007. I have served on the TAC for the NRAO GBT. I have participated in Design Reference Proposals for both ALMA and SKA. I participated in the initial Science Justification for ALMA.

My work at the STScI consists of 50% science and 50% functional duties (albeit unevenly distributed in time). My functional part involves the NICMOS instrument, covering all aspects of its characterization, calibration as well as user support. I am currently leading the NICMOS Servicing Mission Observatory Verification (SMOV) effort that will be performed following the next shuttle servicing mission (SM4). I am also the overall technical lead for NICMOS, and have previously lead the User Support efforts.

My overall functional work has ranged from my current work with NICMOS and the Hubble Space Telescope, science support at ESO's La Silla Observatory, to academic work with teaching and supervision of students. At ESO, La Silla in Chile I worked at the Swedish-ESO Submillimeter Telescope (SEST) as Support Astronomer. This involved interaction with visiting astronomers as well as characterizing and calibrating the telescope


Professional membership

1997-present : American Astronomical Society

1995-2002 : National Committee of Astronomy, a subsection of the Royal Swedish Academy of Science. Secretary from November 1995-2002.

1994-present : International Astronomical Union, member of the IAU Commission 28 (Galaxies) and Commission 40 (Radio astronomy)

1993-present : The European Astronomical Society