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For accurate information on coordinates and astrometry of the HDF-S check the header information in the final data products. Consult the technical information on the data reduction to assess the accuracy of the header coordinates systems.

The following coordinates may be useful, but please contact us for up-to-date details if you plan supporting observations of this field.

WFPC2 (apex) pointing

22h 32m 56.22s      -60d 33' 02.69"    J2000 Equinox
Note: PA_V3 = 230.5D, which corresponds to U3 ORIENT=50.5D.

STIS pointing

22h 33m 37.67s      -60d 33' 28.95"    J2000 Equinox
The position of the QSO has been determined with estimated errors less than 40 milli-arcseconds to be:
22h 33m 37.5883s    -60d 33' 29.128"   J2000 Equinox

NICMOS (NIC3) pointing

22h 32m 51.75s      -60d 38' 48.20"    J2000 Equinox
Note: NIC3 coordinates are uncertain by about 5 arcsec.

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