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2. Downloading the Files and Notes for Running the Script

This document and the script can be found at:

You can retrieve these files and the relevant data via anonymous FTP ( watch your cases, these commands are case sensitive):

Here are some notes on running the script taken from the wfpc2_script1 file:

# Notes: 1. If you are not familiar with IRAF/STSDAS, please consult
            the STSDAS Users' Guide and your site-specific IRAF manual.
            ( http://ra.stsci.edu/About3.html#Introduction )
#         2. The following tasks need to be loaded in IRAF (Note that you
#            can put these in your login.cl if you wish rather than
#            typing them each time):
#                 stsdas.hst_calib.wfpc
#                 toolbox.imgtools
#                 imred.ccdred
#                 images.tv
#                 noao.digiphot.apphot
#                 ttools
#                 proto
#         3. You can run the full script using:  cl < wfpc2_script1
#            or use your mouse to cut and paste part of the script
#            to run only portions of the full script. Portions
#            can be commented out using # in the first column.
#         4. An attempt has been made to include explicitly some of the
#            parameters that are commonly changed, but you should 
#            examine the rest of the parameters (e.g., help gcombine, or
#            epar gcombine) to make sure they are appropriate.
#         5. The script is currently set up to work on only the PC
#            (i.e., group number 1, denoted by [1]). You probably want
#            to change the apertures and zeropoints for the WF chips.
#         5. These particular observations used the gain=14 channel.
#            The zeropoints will be about +0.75 mag for the more
#            commonly used gain=7 channel. See the Holtzmann article
#            or the Whitmore Calibration Workshop paper for details.

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