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Reports (since 2002)

"MAST E/PO: Poster 2010"
"Projects 2009-2011" ongoing.
“IPhone Testing: 2G" 2009.
“The National Virtual Observatory: Science Usability - A Report from the Science Advisory Resource #13" 2006, for the NVO
“Google Earth Business Case Support: Compiled User Responses" September 2006
“OpenNet Everywhere Useability Survey Results One Year Later" August 2006
“Geographic Information Systems Survey Results" July 2006
“Department of State User Imaging Requests for Diplomacy and Foreign Policy" July 2006
“Geographic Information Systems (GIS): Department of State Needs Assessment" August 2005
“Proposal Plan for Geographic Information System (GIS) Capability for the Department of State Human Resources Knowledge Center" with R. Harford (HR) and B. Van Pay (INR) July 2005
“Business Case for Expanded Mobile Electronic Access to Unclassified/SBU Information" 2005
“OpenNet Everywhere Useability Survey Results" April 2005
“OpenNet Everywhere Technical Survey Results" March 2005
“Needs Assessment for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) at the Department of State: Diplomatic Security Case Study" an internal DoS document, January 2005
“Telecommuting Report: A Year of Experiences at DoS" November 2004
“Update on OSIS Commercial Services Accesses from the Department of State OpenNet" September 2004 (see initial report from 2003)
“Technologies for the Mobile User" June 2004, with R. Denniston and G. Galloway
“Report on an Experiment Using a Telework Center" March 2004,
“ Department of State Web Access to the Open Source Information System" October 2003
"Linux and MAC OS X Deployment at STScI: Scientist User Feedback" 2002, Input and Recommendations from the Scientific Staff
"Customer Needs and Values: A Method Developed as a Springboard for Innovation" 2002, Techniques used in Innovation and Process Improvement
"Review of Website Designs" 2002, A review of industry and other organizational websited with an eye to showcasing STScI capabilities for Community Missions
"Report on DTI's Live Streaming Internet Broadcast Experiments", 2002, Report of Webcast Experiments 2000-2002.
"Documentation on the Fly" 2002, Report and Recommendations from SharkCage2
"Interviews for the Wireless Network Access Project @ STScI" 2002, Input and Recommendations from the STScI Staff

"Recommendatinos for Wireless Implementation at STScI" 2002, Input and Recommendations from the STScI Staff

"Implementation Table for Reporting HST Data Flow to Observers" 2001, Recommendations from SharkCage2
"Innovation Methods" 2001, The Innovation methods used by Development, Technology & Innovation 2000-2002.

"The Travel Project at STScI: a Case Study Focused on User Values" 2000, Recommendations for improvement to the Travel Procedures used at STScI.

"Lean Thinking: Application to STScI" 2000, A description of the Lean Thinking innovation methodology as applicable to STScI.