ColorPro 1.0.6b

PSF-corrected Aperture-Matched Photometry

As featured in our UDF Catalog paper (in AJ's August 2006 issue).

Dan Coe w/ Narciso Benitez (ACS Science Team, JHU, IAA, Caltech/JPL)

ColorPro automatically obtains robust colors across images of varied PSF. To correct for the flux lost in images with poorer PSF, the "detection image" is blurred to match the PSF of these other images, and we observe how much flux is lost (see below). All photometry is performed in the highest resolution frame (images being aligned given WCS information in the FITS headers), and identical apertures are used in every image. Usually isophotal apertures are used, as determined by SExtractor. Thanks to our SExSeg program, you may also pre-define object aperture definitions. You may even automatically combine object detections from different image filters into a single comprehensive "segmentation map".

BPZ is now integrated with ColorPro!

After producing the final photometric catalog, ColorPro will automatically run BPZ for you if you wish (and have BPZ installed). Bayesian Photometric Redshifts will be obtained for all the galaxies in your catalog. The BPZ options can be set in the same configuration file that you use for ColorPro.

Download & Run: ColorPro & BPZ

Learn how ColorPro measures accurate colors across images of variable PSF:

Force SExtractor to run using a pre-defined segmentation map:
  (SExSeg is packaged with ColorPro)