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3.1 Navigating STSDAS

The tasks in STSDAS are far too numerous and complicated to describe comprehensively in this volume. Instead we will show you where to find the STSDAS tasks appropriate for handling certain jobs. You can refer to online help or the STSDAS User's Guide for details on how to use these tasks. Some useful online help commands are:

3.1.1 STSDAS Structure

STSDAS version 2.0 is structured so that related tasks are logically grouped. In many cases, you can find a task that performs whatever function you need simply by looking in the appropriate package. For example, all of the tasks that are used in the calibration process can be found in the hst_calib package and all tasks used for image display and plotting can be found in the graphics package. Figure 3.1 shows the STSDAS package structure. Note that IRAF version 2.11 must be installed on your system in order for you to use STSDAS 2.0 and TABLES version 2.0.

Figure 3.1: STSDAS Version 2.0 Package Structure

3.1.2 Packages of General Interest


Both IRAF and STSDAS contain a large number of tasks that work with HST images. Some of the packages you should investigate are:


Several of the analysis packages in STSDAS, including calibration pipeline tasks, create output files in STSDAS table format, which is a binary row-column format, or in FITS binary table format. (ASCII-format tables are also supported, for input only.) The STSDAS User's Guide describes the STSDAS table format in detail. Tasks in the ttools package or in the external tables package can be used to read, edit, create, and manipulate tables. For example:

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