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5.0 The WFPC2 Clearinghouse

The WFPC2 Clearinghouse is a new web-based tool designed to provide users with a searchable listing of all known journal articles, STScI documentation and reports, as well as user-submitted documents which report on all aspects of the performance, calibration, and scientific use of WFPC2. The Clearinghouse can be found at the following URL:

The primary goal of the Clearinghouse is to make it easier for WFPC2 users to take advantage of the fact that there are hundreds of researchers reducing and analyzing WFPC2 data, and learning much that may be of interest to the community.

We have extensively searched through the astronomical literature and selected all articles that contain any reference or description of the calibration, reduction, and scientific analysis of WFPC2 data prior to 1998. Each article was then added to our database, with an estimate of its importance in up to 50 calibration topics. Each entry has the following format:

Author: Holtzman,Mould,Gallagher, et al.

Title: Stellar Populations in the Large Magellanic Cloud: Evidence for..

Year: 1997

Reference: AJ 113, 656

Science Keyword: IMF,LMC

Calibration Keyword(3): psf_fitting_photometry(3)

Calibration Keyword(2): bias(2)

Calibration Keyword(1): photometric_zeropoint(1)

Comment: Comparison of aperture and PSF fitting photometry,

where the category number following each keyword stands for the following:

(3)= One of the fundamental references on this topic.

(2)= Some new information on this topic.

(1)= General information on the subject.

The user can select from a large list of WFPC2 calibration related topics (see below). The results from a Clearinghouse search will list, alphabetically by author, all articles containing references to the selected topic. For journal articles, each reference is linked to that article's entry in the ADS Abstract Database, so that users can quickly determine if that particular article is relevant to their individual needs. This database will be updated periodically.

The following topics are available:

Aperture Corrections

Object Identification

Aperture Photometry

Observation Planning


Photometric Transformations

Bias Frames

Photometric Zeropoint

Bias Jumps

Pipeline Calibration

Calibration Observations


CCD Characteristics

PSF Characterization

Charge Transfer Traps

PSF Fitting Photometry

Chip-to-Chip Normalization

PSF Subtraction

Completeness Corrections

Quad Filters

Cosmic Rays


CTE Losses

Red Leaks


Residual Images

Data Quality

Saturated Data


Scattered Light


Serial Clocks


Size Measurements

Field Distortion



Surface Photometry



Hot Pixels

T=77 Observations

Image Anomalies

UV Throughput

Linear Ramp Filters


Long vs. Short Exposures

Woods Filters

Narrow Band Photometry

1997 Servicing Mission

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