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Update to the WFPC2 Instrument Handbook

In This Document...

Charge Transfer Efficiency / 3
The WFPC2 PSF: Dynamic Range and Photometry / 6
Dithering with WFPC2 / 8
Other HST Imaging / 10
The WFPC2 Clearinghouse / 10
Updates to System Efficiencies and Zeropoints / 12
WFPC2 Calibration Plan / 14
References / 26

The Wide Field Planetary Camera 2 (WFPC2) is now a mature and largely well-characterized instrument. Information already available through the WFPC2 Instrument Handbook and the HST Data Handbook is fairly complete. In this update we provide additional information obtained from recent studies of the instrument, as well as calibration plans for the WFPC2 and a short note on present and planned imaging capabilities for HST. The major topics discussed in this document are:

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