ACS/WFPC2 Instrument Team

I am a member of the ACS/WFPC2 Instrument team. As part of this team I have helped in testing the new calibration pipeline for ACS (CALACS). This new pipiline includes new fixes for images including crosstalk correction, bias striping, and CTE correction.
As part of this work, I tested the accuracy of the new CTE correction using simulated images. This work was presented at the 219th meeting of the American Astronomical Society in January 2012.

  • CTE poster

  • I was part of the DrizzlePac testing team. DrizzlePac is a software package designed to combine Hubble Space Telescope images. This new software is an upgrade to MultiDrizzle and fundametally changes how distortion and WCS information is handled.
    I presented a poster at the 220th meeting of the American Astronomy Society showcasing the alignment capabilities found within DrizzlePac.

  • DrizzlePac poster