Science Support

I provide science support for two projects lead by Dr. Tom Brown. My role in these projects is to combine the images using AstroDrizzle and then perform PSF photometry and any other data analysis necessary.

The Formation History of the Ultra-Faint Dwarf Galaxies

We measured the ages of three galaxies using color magnitude diagrams and found that the are as old as the globlular cluster M92 and show no evidence for intermediate age stars. Work on this project is ongoing. There are three more galaxies for which we still have to conduct the photometric analysis. CMD's of the three galaxies presented in our letter.
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The WFC3 Galactic Bulge Treasury Program

This program exploits the full power of the WFC3 camera. We have deep images of four fields in the Galactic Bulge taken with five different filters. We hope to use these images to do determine the star formation histories of these four fields using reddening free photometric indices developed for this program.