BPZ: Bayesian Photometric Redshifts

Also see Narciso Benitez's BPZ page, including BPZ v1.98b.

Version 1.99.3 available here, including modifications by both Benitez and Coe.

Download: bpz-1.99.3.tar.gz (1.3M)
Also available: HST filters expansion pack (2.3M) -- ACS & WFC3 filter curves updated 4/30/10 generated by SYNPHOT

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BPZ is integrated with ColorPro, robust photometry across images of various PSF.  Robust photo-z require robust photometry!

BPZ has been widely used, but citations may include the following:

  • Benitez00 BPZ presented; HDF-N analysis
  • Benitez04 SED templates recalibrated; "Tadpole" & "Mice" analyses
  • Coe06 Two bluer templates added; UDF analysis (pretty pictures and results)
  • Example of a very good SED fit (with correct photo-z) to extensive and well-calibrated multiband photometry (from Coe10):

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