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Hi, you've made it to Roelof de Jong's web pages. I am currently an assistant astronomer at the Space Telescope Science Institute, working as an Instrument Scientist in the NICMOS Branch. Previously I worked in the JWST division. One of my main responsibilities there was Science Outreach for JWST, with typical tasks like maintaining the JWST web site, writing JWST articles for the STScI Newsletter and contributing to JWST Science.

Look at my Astronomy Resources page for some useful astronomy links, and at my Publication List and Citations Statistics Page if you want more details about my past work. My Research Page lists some science I am currently involved in. I am currently leading the GHOSTS Survey, a large HST survey of the resolved stelllar populations of bulges, thick disks, and halos of nearby, massive disk galaxies. Here is a PDF version of my CV and Publication List. I have also traced my Academic Genealogy (Ph.D. Family Tree).

I have a few pages with more personal interests, like photography and music. I am originally from the Netherlands and I have a page with Dutch and other news. I have some other helpful web pages about computer hardware and software, search engines, manuals and math help and travel sites I use regularly.

Roelof S. de Jong
Space Telescope Science Institute
NICMOS Team / INS Division
3700 San Martin Dr
Baltimore, MD 21218
Tel:+1 (410) 338 4782
Fax:+1 (410) 338 4436

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