Meeting the neighbours: NStars and 2MASS

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Solar prominences and plages (SOHO)

4. Activity

  1. Background information
    • Introduction - magnetic activity in main-sequence stars

Other useful links

  1. The PMSU survey
    • The original survey PMSU1 & PMSU2; low resolution spectroscopy of nearby M dwarfs
    • PMSU3 echelle spectroscopy: binaries and activity
    • PMSU4 The mass function and local kinematics
  2. The 8-parsec sample
  3. Colour-magnitude data sample
  4. L dwarfs and T dwarfs sample
  5. Spectra of late-M and L dwarfs sample
  6. Davy Kirkpatrick's L dwarf archive

Links to published papers from these programmes are given on this page

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