Knox Long's Home Page

I am an emeritus astronomer at the Space Telescope Science Institute.

Before my retirement in the spring of 2018, in addition to doing scientific research, I worked in a number of areas, including most recently  on  Wide Field Camera 3.    Previously, I worked for a number of years on JWST, and prior to that on the HST data archive, now MAST.

In retirement, I am continuing to pursue my research interests, which include:

I am one of the principal authors of a state of the art Monte Carlo Radiative  Transfer Code: Python (see also Long & Knigge 2002) which has been used to model the winds of a wider variety of accretion disks systems, including CVs, YSOs, X-ray Binaries and AGN.  Our team is looking for people who would be interested in using Python for their own projects, and would be glad to help get you started on such an effort.

I am actively involved in a variety of observational efforts, both from ground=based telescopes, and space-based missions, such as Hubble Space Telescope and Chandra X-ray Observatory. I was actively involved in Hitomi, the Japanese X-ray mission which unfortunately suffered a catastrophic event in the spring of 2016 before it entered its operational phase.

To see what I and my collaborators have been doing most recently (or at least to see what we have completed most recently), one can look at my list of publications.

Though I currently live in Chicago, I can be reached at


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