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The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) Telescope Scientist Team (TST) was convened in 2002, following a competitive NASA selection process, to provide scientific support of the Webb Observatory development. In addition to select functional support that has been provided by the team for the past two decades, the team also has access to 210 hours of Guaranteed Time Observer (GTO) time, following the end of Observatory commissioning in mid-2022. This page provides and collects information related to the JWST TST GTO Program, which aims to scientifically demonstrate the telescope performance.

The JWST TST GTO Program consist of observations and supporting theoretical investigations in three subject areas, namely:

A brief overview and discussion of the entire program is available at Information on the individual observing programs of the JWST TST GTO Team is provided below.

Select parts of the exoplanet investigations are pursued in collaboration with other JWST GTO Teams. The Local Group science is pursued in collaboration with the The High-resolution Space Telescope Proper Motion (HSTPROMO) collaboration. For context, a listing of the observing programs of all JWST GTO Teams, sorted by subject area, is available at


The success of the JWST TST GTO Program relies on the skills and contributions of a broad team of investigators with a range of levels of seniortity. JWST data is extremely powerful and opens up entirely new parts of observational parameter space. The GTO TST data will provide opportunities for ground-breaking science in a supporting and collaborative environment. Expressions of interest to join and contribute to the work of the team are welcomed. Interested scientists should contact one of the existing members for their specific subject area, as identified below; existing members can make a nomination, and advice on supporting material that may be needed. Expressions of interest will be adjudicated subject to the team's Membership and Data Access Policies and Procedures (available from the Member-only page).

The listing below provides the current membership of the team. Membership exists at three levels, at the (GTO) Program level (#), the (Science) Subject level (&), and the (individual research/observing) Project level (*). The team is expected to be a continually evolving and growing entity as new members join over time.


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Transiting Exoplanet Spectroscopy

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Support for JWST GTO projects is provided by NASA through grant 80NSSC20K0586 to the JWST Telescope Scientist Team.

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