The people behind the science of CLASH

Photo taken in 2013 at the Royal Astronomical Society, London, UK

Team Summary

The CLASH team, at the completion of our 7-year research program in 2017, consisted of about 60 astronomers from 10 different countries and located at over 25 institutions. Below we list the core team members and their institutional affiliations at the time of their involvement in the survey. The current institutional affiliations of some of the CLASH team members may be different.

CLASH Team Members

Name Home Institution
during CLASH program
Last Known Affiliation
(if different)
Marc Postman, P.I. Space Telescope Science Institute
Matthias Bartelmann Universitat Heidelberg
Narciso Benitez Instituto de Astrofisica de Andalucia N/A
Rychard Bouwens Leiden University
Larry Bradley Space Telescope Science Institute
Thomas Broadhurst University of the Basque Country
Dan Coe Space Telescope Science Institute
Megan Donahue Michigan State University
Kevin Fogarty Johns Hopkins University California Institute of Technology
Holland Ford Johns Hopkins University retired
Brenda Frye Steward Obs., U. Arizona
Genevieve Graves Princeton University Data Scientist, Eye0, Inc.
Or Graur American Museum of Natural History; JHU New York University
Claudio Grillo Cluster of Excellence for Fundamental Physics Dark Cosmology Center,
Ole Host University College London
Leopoldo Infante Universidad Catolica de Chile
Saurabh Jha Rutgers University
Yolanda Jimenez-Teja Instituto de Astrofisica de Andalucia Observatorio Nacional, Brasil
Stephanie Jouvel University College London Analytics Consultant,
Tessella Inc., London
Daniel Kelson Carnegie Institute of Washington
Anton Koekemoer Space Telescope Science Institute
Ulrike Kuchner University of Viena University of Nottingham
Ofer Lahav University College London
Ruth Lazkoz University of the Basque Country
Doron Lemze Johns Hopkins University Data Scientist, Miles Inc.
Dan Maoz Tel Aviv University
Curtis McCully Rutgers University Las Cumbres Observatory
Elinor Medezinski Johns Hopkins University N/A
Peter Melchior The Ohio State University Princeton University
Massimo Meneghetti INAF / Osservatorio Astronomico di Bologna
Amata Mercurio INAF / Astronomical Observatory of Capodimonte
Julian Merten Oxford University INAF / Osservatorio Astronomico di Bologna
Alberto Molino Instituto de Astrofisica de Andalucia University of Sao Paulo, Brasil
Leonidas Moustakas Jet Propulsion Laboratory / Caltech
John Moustakas Siena College
Mario Nonino Osservatorio Astronomico di Trieste
Sara Ogaz Space Telescope Science Institute
Brandon Patel Rutgers University
Dovi Poznanski UC Berkeley, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories
Adam Riess Space Telescope Science Institute / JHU
Steve Rodney Johns Hopkins University University of South Carolina
Piero Rosati European Southern Observatory University of Ferrara
Jack Sayers California Institute of Technology
Stella Seitz Universitas Sternwarte Munchen
Keiichi Umetsu Academia Sinica, Institute of Astronomy & Astrophysics
Arjen van der Wel Max Planck Institut fur Astronomie Ghent University
Bingxiao Xu Johns Hopkins University Kavli Institute of Astrophysics, Peking University
Wei Zheng Johns Hopkins University
Adi Zitrin California Institute of Technology