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31.2 Input Files

calfos uses three different types of input files:

31.2.1 Science Files Required by calfos

Table 31.2 lists the science files that are used as required input to calfos.

Observation Input Files for calfos

File Extension

File Contents

.shh and .shd

Standard header packet

.ulh and .uld

Unique data log

.d0h and .d0d

Science data

.q0h and .q0d

Science data quality

.x0h and .x0d

Science header line

.xqh and .xqd

Science header line data quality

.d1h and .d1d

Science trailer line

.q1h and .q1d

Science trailer line data quality

31.2.2 Reference Files and Tables

Table 31.1 lists the types of calibration reference files that are used in the pipeline and the information these files contain. Although reference files can be generated for any combination of NXSTEPS, FCHNL (first channel), NCHNLS, and OVERSCAN, the routine calibration reference files have a length of 2064 pixels, corresponding to the standard keyword values:

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