Check out this newest feature in the line of ExInEd products—a multi-media, interactive, and cross-platform educational product containing texts, images, graphics, video, and sound! Each Electronic Tutorial, authored by a leading scientist, is an individualized lesson on a forefront scientific problem. Electronic Tutorials are distributed only on-line at present. Keep your eyes on this location for new titles along the way!

Electronic Tutorials are designed to run on a any Color Macintosh® or MPC Compliant Window's compatible computer. Specific hardware and software requirements are:

For Macintosh

  • Any color capable Macintosh
  • Quicktime 1.5 or later
  • 4 mb RAM
  • A hard disk with at least 7 mb of free space for the Electronic Tutorial

    For Windows

  • QuickTime for Windows 1.1.1 (or newer) installed in your system.
  • A SoundBlaster compatible sound card
  • A SuperVGA display card and monitor set to 640x480x256
  • Windows 3.1 or later
  • At least an 80386 microprocessor (486 recommended)
  • A hard disk with at least 7 mb of free space for the Electronic Tutorial
  • 4 mb of RAM

    Important! QuickTime Required!!

    Both Macintosh & Windows versions of the Electronic Tutorials require QuickTime. You can download the QuickTime for Windows 1.1.1 software below. The Macintosh version of QuickTime is built into the installer of the Electronic Tutorials so you do not have to download it separately. If you do need to install QuickTime for Windows, please view the Windows installation instructions below!

    View the Windows Installation Instructions

    Download a copy of QuickTime for Windows 1.1.1.

    oCepheids in M100 (6mb) |About | Screenshots | Download Mac | Download Win|
    Our first Electronic Tutorial, Cepheids in M100 explores the significance of the discovery of Cepheid variable stars in galaxy M100 using the Hubble Space Telescope. These discoveries are helping to answer the question “How Old is the Universe?” Cepheids in M100 runs on either MacOS or MPC compliant Windows compatible PCs.