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John H. Debes

ESA/AURA Astronomer, COS/STIS Instrument Team

Image at four different wavelengths of the scattered light from the TW Hya protoplanetary disk. The images come from the Hubble Space Telescope Instruments (upper left) STIS--visible, (upper right) NICMOS--1.1 micron, (lower left) NICMOS--1.7 micron, and (lower right) NICMOS--2.2 micron. The images are scaled by the distance in the disk from the star squared to highlight a gap observed halfway out in the disk. The black areas are regions of lost data due to the coronagraphs that were used to image the disk.


Here are some areas of research that I'm active in. For the full details, please read my papers, but the pages here will give you an introduction to what I do.