Marco Chiaberge

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  Functional Work

I am an Instrument scientist for the Hubble Space Telescope's Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS) instrument.

Here are some of my current assignments:

- ACS Calibration Lead.

- PI of the ACS External CTE calibration program

- PI of the ACS/STIS SBC filters red leak characterization calibration program

- PI of the ACS CCD Postflash for extended sources program

Past assignments:

Member of the Big Data Science Definition Team (2014-2015)

Lead of the ACS Servicing Mission 4 “Early Release Observations” team (2008-2009)

Lead of the Servicing Mission 4 Functional Test team at STScI during EVA3 (2009)

Member of the SMOV (servicing mission orbital verification) team (2009)

Member of the pixel-CTE correction working group

Member of the Instrument Division DCRWG (Diversity Culture and Respect Working Group) (2009-2013)

News and Highlights

Here's the latest Instrument Science Report (ISR) about the CTE photometric correction for ACS/WFC. The new formula is based on a new model we derived using post-SM4 data. The formula was obtained using a new statistical approach. Click here to access the online CTE correction calculator based on the latest calibration data.

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