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- Pointing Information and Science Instrument Aperture Locations
  • Current operational SI aperture relations in the HST focal plane; positions, scales, orientations.
  • Information on SIAF file updates.
  • Discussion and interpretation of observation log or `jitter' files, attitude algorithms, and advice for analyzing pointing.
  • Plotting tool giving HST roll to put a given aperture at a given position and orientation on the sky. (Under Construction)

- Calibration Operations and Data
  • Calibration data from pre-launch to present.
  • Spectra of HST standards and astronomical databases.
  • Special CDBS data used for the throughput simulators and Exposure Time Calculators.

- Focus and the OTA
  • Desorption and secondary mirror move history.
  • Orbital and longer term focus variation.
  • Determining focus.

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22 Apr 1998

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