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Located here are reports and documentation concerning the general calibration, focus / OTA, and pointing/focal plane analyses for the Hubble Space Telescope.

Instrument Science Reports and other instrument specific documentation pertaining to WFPC2, the GHRS, the FOS, the FOC, and the FGS's can be accessed through the preceeding links.

The reports below represent an archive of reports dating back, in some cases, to nearly seven years prior to the April 1990 deployment of the Hubble Space Telescope. As a result, many of the reports here predate the formation of the Observatory Support Group, and are available only as a paper copy. Requests for these reports can me made via the document request form. Most reports published after January 1, 1996 are available here as postscript and/or PDF files.

Reports are grouped into one of four topics below:
Calibration (calibration database, standard calibration sources, throughput)
Focal Plane / Pointing (aperture positions, guide stars, pointing, distortions)
Focus/OTA (mirror moves, focus history, point spread functions)
Miscellaneous (NGST related, special studies, etc.)

For paper copies of anything below, just fill out the document request form.


OSG-CAL-98-01: NICMOS History Database and Web Tools PDF [248.3k]
C. Tullos  (4/98)
OSG-CAL-97-05: WWW Query Tool for CDBS PDF [316.0k]
C. Tullos  (8/97)
OSG-CAL-97-01: Data Quality Assessment Database and a World-Wide Web Interface PDF [409.4k]
C. Tullos, C. Cox and R. Jedrzejewski  (2/97)

OSG-CAL-96-07: Absolute Flux Distributions of Solar Analogs from the UV to the Near-IR  
Colina, L. and Bohlin, R. 1997, AJ, 113, 1138
OSG-CAL-96-05: The HST Set of Absolute Standards for the 0.12um to 2.5um Spectral Range. PDF [18.6k]
L. Colina, R. Bohlin, D. Calzetti, C. Skinner and S. Casertano  (8/96)
OSG-CAL-96-04: CDBS Spectral Atlases of Galaxies and Emission Line Objects PDF [18.4k]
L. Colina  (7/96)
OSG-CAL-96-03: OSG Cycle 6 Calibration Plan PDF [14.4k]
L. Colina, D. Elkin and O. Lupie  (6/96)
OSG-CAL-96-02: The 0.12-2.5um Absolute Flux Distribution of the Sun for Comparison with Solar Analog Stars PDF [235.1k]
L. Colina, R. Bohlin and F. Castelli  (4/96)
OSG-CAL-96-01: Absolute Flux Calibration Spectrum of Vega PDF [133.8k]
L. Colina, R. Bohlin and F. Castelli  (3/96)

SCS-007: Spectrophotometric Standards from the Far-UV to the Near-IR on the White Dwarf Flux Scale PDF [751.1k]
Bohlin, R. 1996, AJ, 111, 1743
SCS-006: HST/CDBS Kurucz Stellar Atmospheric Atlas PDF [138.8k]
L. Colina  (7/95)
SCS-005: White Dwarf Standard Stars: G191-B2B, GD 71, GD 153, and HZ 43 PDF [514.2k]
Bohlin, R., Colina, L. and Finley, D.S. 1996, AJ, 110, 1316
SCS-004: Absolute Flux Calibrations of Optical Spectrophotometric Standard Stars PDF [1302.6k]
Colina, L. and Bohlin, R. 1994, AJ, 108, 1931
SCS-003: Comparison of the HST/FOS and IUE White Dwarf Absolute Flux Scales  
L. Colina and R. Bohlin  (12/94)
SCS-002: Preliminary Comparison of the HST and White Dwarf Absolute Flux Scales superseded by SCS-005
R. Bohlin  (12/93)
SOB-93-06-06: COSTAR Components Added to the HST Instrument Graphs for FOC, GHRS, & FOS  
K. Horne, G. Hartig, W. Hack, C. Tullos, T. Keyes, & D. Soderblom  (6/93)
SOB-93-05-27: How to Update the HST Instrument Graph and Throughput Tables in the CDBS  
K. Horne  (5/93)
SCS-001: Updates to HST Standard Star Fluxes  
R. Bohlin and D. Lindler  (7/92)
CAL-012: Description of a Deep Calibration Field in Selected Area 57  
J. Koornneef  (7/86)
CAL-011: A Synthetic Photometry Package  
K. Horne  (5/85)
CAL-010: Grids of Stellar and Non-stellar Flux Distributions  
R. Buser, K. Horne and J. Koornneef  (5/86)
CAL-009: Proposal Change to SO-11  
K. Horne  (7/86)
CAL-008: Proposal to Implement a Dynamic Throughput Generator in CDBS  
K. Horne  (7/86)
CAL-007: Dynamic Generation of Throughput Functions: A Unified Approach  
K. Horne, C. Burrows and J. Koornneef  (5/86)
CAL-006: Spectrophotometric Calibration Data Flow; Pre-launch Calibration Target Data Preparation; Steady-State Calibration Target Data Flow; Calibration Data Base Information Flow; SI Component Throuput Functions; Calibration Target Data Preparation  
J. Koornneef  (5/86)
CAL-005: Synthetic Photometry and the Calibration of the Hubble Space Telescope  
J. Koornneef, R. C. Bohlin, R. Buser, K. Horne and D. Turnshek  (12/84)
CAL-004: Report of the Optical Calibration Target Working Group  
J. Koornneef et al.  (12/84)
CAL-003: The Space Telescope Calibration Base (Pre-launch Effort)  
R. Bohlin  (4/83)
CAL-002: Summary of Space Telescope Science Instrument Performance Characteristics  
R. Bohlin  (9/83)
CAL-001: Space Telescope Catalogue of Potential Standardization Targets  
J. Koornneef  (8/83)


OSG-CAL-97-07: NICMOS Distortion Correction PDF [92.3k]
C. Cox, C. Ritchie, E. Bergeron, J. MacKenty and K. Noll  (12/97)
OSG-CAL-97-06: Velocity Aberration Correction for Parallel Observations PDF [74.6k]
C. Cox  (10/97)
OSG-CAL-97-04: NICMOS SM-2 SMOV Alignment Results PDF [695.5k]
O. Lupie, M. Lallo, C. Cox and E. Bergeron  (8/97)
OSG-CAL-97-03: Pre_Servicing Mission NICMOS Focal Plane Model: Aperture Metrology and the SIAF.DAT File PDF [695.5k]
O. Lupie, M. Lallo, C. Cox and E. Bergeron  (8/97)
OSG-CAL-97-02: The Focal Plane Monitoring Program PDF [19.4k]
C. Cox, M. Lallo and O. Lupie  (5/97)

OSG-CAL-96-08: STIS Focal Plane, Part I, Rev A: Aperture Metrology and the SIAF.DAT File  
O. Lupie, G. Hartig, C. Cox and M. Lallo  (12/96)
OSG-CAL-96-06: Transforming Non-COSTAR Aperture Positions to the New Vehicle Reference PDF [23.4k]
M. Lallo, C. Cox and O. Lupie  (9/96)

SOB-94-10-21: The WFPC2 Scales & Alignments [an independent determination] PDF [18.5k]
C. Cox  (10/94)
SOB-94-06-07: An Investigation into the Guidance of FOC GTO 4073 PDF [22.4k]
S. T. Holfeltz and M. G. Lattanzi  (6/94)
SOB-94-02-15: A Multipurpose Pointing Analysis Tool PDF [28.7k]
C. Cox and M. Lallo  (2/94)
SOB-93-12-06: A Determination of the Pointing History During FOS Scans of Mars PDF [5.9k]
C. Cox and M. Lallo  (12/93)
SOB-92-01-01: Attitude Determination and Target Location PDF [15.6k]
C. Cox and M. Lallo  (11/92)
TS-92-02: Determination of the Position Dependent Zero Point Magnitude Correction for the Core Aperture Photometry with WF/PC  
E. Kinney and R. Gilmozzi  (10/92)
TS-92-01: The Orientation of WF2 to the FGS, Results from the FGS alignment test ENG/FGS3151  
R. Gilmozzi, M. G. Lattanzi and O. Lupie  (6/92)
SOB-92-05-01: A Comparison of HST Pointing Calculations  
C. Cox and M. Lallo  (5/92)
TA-002: The Effect of Guide Star Position Errors on HST Target Acquisition  
R. L. White and R. Gilmozzi  (11/89)
TA-001: Some Consideration on the Effect of the Determination of the HST Position Angle for "Complex" Target Acquisition  
R. Gilmozzi  (12/88)


OTA-2001-01: HST Focus in year 2000. A Review of the Cycle 9 Focus Monitor Program PDF [902 k]
M. Lallo  (2/01)
OTA-18: OTA Focus Monitoring and Recommendation for Secondary Mirror Move PDF [117.2k]
S. Casertano  (1/95)
OTA-17: Status Report on OTA Focus  
H. Hasan  (4/94)
OTA-16: OTA Secondary Mirror Moves During SMOV  
H. Hasan  (2/94)
OTA-15: OTA Collimation During SMOV  
H. Hasan  (2/94)
OTA-14: Pre-COSTAR Status of OTA Focus  
H. Hasan  (12/93)
OTA-13: Comparison of Methods to Measure OTA Focus Changes  
H. Hasan  (12/93)
OTA-12: Focus History of the Hubble Space Telescope  
H. Hasan, C. J. Burrows, and D. J. Schroeder  (6/93)
OTA-11: Estimate of the Tolerance on Short Term Focus Change (Breathing)  
P.Bely and H. Hasan  (2/93)
OTA-10: Status Report on OTA Breathing Measurements  
H. Hasan  (1/93)
OTA-09: Report on OTA Focus Monitoring  
H. Hasan  (11/92)
OTA-08.6: Update on FOC UV Throughput Monitoring Test  
H. Hasan  (10/93)
OTA-08.5: Update on FOC UV Throughput Monitoring Test  
H. Hasan  (6/93)
OTA-08.4: Update on FOC UV Throughput Monitoring Test  
H. Hasan  (3/93)
OTA-08.3: Update on FOC UV Throughput Monitoring Test  
H. Hasan  (12/92)
OTA-08.2: Update on FOC UV Throughput Monitoring Test  
H. Hasan  (7/92)
OTA-08.1: Update on FOC UV Throughput Monitoring Test  
H. Hasan  (5/92)
OTA-08: Update on FOC UV Throughput Monitoring Test  
H. Hasan  (3/92)
OTA-07: HST Focus and Collimation  
C. Burrows  (2/92)
OTA-06.1: Point Spread Function Scattering Test  
H. Hasan  (2/92)
OTA-06: [withdrawn and replaced by OTA-6.1]  
H. Hasan  
OTA-05: Variation of the WFPC Obscurations with Field Angle  
H. Hasan  (4/91)
OTA-04: [same as OTA-02]  
H. Hasan  (7/90)
OTA-03: Some Characteristics of the HST PSF  
H. Hasan  (1/91)
OTA-02: Simulation of HST Point Spread Function  
H. Hasan  (7/90)
OTA-01: The STScI PSF Library  
H. Hasan  (3/90)


ISR NGST-01: A Thermal Study of the Early NGST Instrument Module PDF [92k]
M. Lallo, C. Cox  (5/98)

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