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- New Instrument Science Report   (8 Feb 2001)
    OTA 2001-01 detailing HST focus status and monitoring. Available in PDF format from the Reports page

- ACS Preflight Apertures   (7 July 1998)

- NGST Thermal Study   (14 May 1998)
    OSG performed a special study to determine temperatures expected at the Next Generation Space Telescope's Science Instruments. The study is described in the report NGST-01, (92K pdf file)

- Pointing Page Revisions   (12 Dec 2000)

- Focus Page Revisions   (1 Feb 2001)

- New Instrument Science Report   (22 Apr 1998)
    OSG-CAL-98-01, detailing the NICMOS History Database and the WWW-based tools available to access this database, is now available in PDF and PostScript formats from the Reports page

- User Support Page Revisions (03 Feb 1998)

    The User Support Page and the Observatory Contact Page have both been updated.

    Note: The Observatory Contact page has since been combined with the User Support page, and is no longer avialable as a separate link. (12 Dec 1998)

- New Instrument Science Report (18 Dec 1997)
    OSG-CAL-97-07, detailing the NICMOS Distortion Correction, is now available in PDF and PostScript formats from the Reports page

- Resources and Services and FAQ Page revisions (18 Dec 1997)

- Instrument Science Reports in PDF Format (02 Dec 1997)
    PDF versions are now available for most of the Instrument Science Reports currently accessible on-line from the Reports page

- ISR Distribution Lists available (01 Dec 1997)
    Postscript and PDF versions of the Calibration, Focal Plane and Pointing and Focus and Optical Telescope Assembly ISR distribution lists are now available on-line from the Reports page. (Internal access only)

- News and Advisories Page revisions (17 Nov 1997)
    The News and Advisories page has been revised and updated.

- Observatory Support Page revisions (14 Nov 1997)
    The Observatory Support page has been redesigned and updated as part of an ongoing process to update all the on-line OSG pages.

- Reports page revisions (14 Nov 1997)
    The Reports page has been completely redesigned and updated. Nearly all Instrument Science Reports published since January 1, 1996 are available in either PDF or postscript format from this page.

- Updated on-line Observation Log Documentation (Oct 1997)
    Discusses "jitter files", their new FITS with extensions format, and their use with STIS and NICMOS observations.

- New HST Focus Resource Page. (Oct 1997) (Internal access only)
    Discussion of secondary mirror motion, OTA shrinkage, and models of orbital and long-term focus variations. On-line capability to find best modeled focus for a given time and date.

- WWW Query tool for CDBS (Sept 1997)
    Now available under the Calibration Data Page is a tool for directly querying the CDBS (calibration database). Reference data for the four current and four previous science instruments, as well as photometric and spectrophotometric standards are available for retrieval.

NOTE: Please see the Instrument Science Report OSG-CAL-97-05 for a complete description of this tool.

- Dates of last SIAF aperture data updates:

  • STIS (31 March 1997)
  • NICMOS (23 Jun 1997)
  • WFPC2 (6 May 1996)
  • FOC (14 April 1996)

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03 Feb 1998

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