Nobel Prize in Physics, 2011

National Academy of Sciences, member, 2009

Einstein Medal, 2011

NASA, Exceptional Scientific Achievement Award, 2011

MacArthur Fellow, 2008

Shaw Prize, Hong Kong

“For discovering that the expansion rate of the universe is accelerating, implying in the simplest interpretation that the energy density of space is non-vanishing even in the absence of any matter and radiation“, shared with Saul Perlmutter and Brian Schmidt

Gruber Prize in Cosmology , shared with High-z Supernova team (Brian Schmidt) and Supernova Cosmology Project (Saul Perlmutter)

Raymond and Beverly Sackler Prize, Tel-Aviv University, 2004

“For contributions to the observational study of distant type Ia supernovae that reveal the accelerating expansion of the Universe and the possible existence of dark energy.“

Helen B. Warner Prize, American Astronomical Society, 2003

“For the astonishing discovery of the acceleration of the Universe and a non-zero cosmological constant.”


  • Thomson-Reuters Citation Laureate, 2010
  • Academy of Achievement, Gold Plate Award, 2012
  • Gilman Scholar, JHU, 2009
  • ISI Most Highly Cited, 2006
  • Townes Prize in Cosmology, UC Berkeley, 2005 
  • International Academy of Astronautics, Laurels for Achievement Award, 2004
  • Bok Prize, Harvard University, 2001
  • AURA Science Award, 2000
  • STScI Science Merit Award, 2000, 2001
  • Trumpler Award, Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 1999

Public Recognition