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My talks tend to use KeyNote/PowerPoint particular features like building up information by stacking diagrams, pointing to certain features in images and use of animations. Therefore, I provide them here in raw KeyNote/PowerPoint format, instead of more portable formats like PDF. These moving elements just do not translate well to PDF. There is a seperate page for talks in Dutch.

I have switched to KeyNote in 2007. I provide the full iWork'08 KeyNote directory as a *.tar.gz file, as well as a PDF version, and a PowerPoint version. The last two version do not capture the full presentation, but it gives a pretty close copy.

  • GHOSTS:Bulges, Halos, and the Stellar Outskirts of Disk Galaxies (KeyNote) (PDF) (PowerPoint). An updated version of the presentation below given at the Kapteyn Institute colloquium of June 5, 2008 in Groningen.
  • GHOSTS:The Stellar Populations in the Outskirts of Disk Galaxies (KeyNote) (PDF) (PowerPoint). A presentation with some highlights of the GHOSTS survey that I presented at a JHU CAS seminar. It is an expended version of the talk I gave at the "Formation and Evolution of Galaxy Disks" meeting organized by the Vatican Observatory. It gives an introduction why one would like to study outskirtss of galaxies in the hierarcical galaxy formation picture, describes the advantages of using resolved stellar populations, and shows some results on a galaxy truncation in NGC4244, the age of a stream in M83, the amount of halo substructure in NGC4631 and NGC4565, and the minor axis bulge/halo profiles of the GHOSTS galaxies. It shows that stellar halos are tightly connected to classical bulges, but that later-type galaxies most likely have pseudo-bulges developed by secular evolution.

If .zip and .ppz files are provided as well for the presentations below this means that the presentation includes animations, which are poorly ported by PowerPoint due to the use of absolute file path names. You can either download the .ppz file and unpack it on a Window system with this pngsetup.exe excutable (you can create this executable, also for Macs, with your PowerPoint program by saving a presentation in Pack and Go format) or use the .ppt and .zip files and restore the links to the animations by hand.

Some of these presentations contain materials I collected from the web. All of it is believed to be free of copyrights, please send me notice if you know otherwise. Feel free to use these materials in your own presentations, but please ask me permission before publishing any of these materials.

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