A collection of talks, hangouts, blog posts, and articles

Public Talks

Bite of Science presentation for the Center for Excellence in Education Teacher Enrichment Program, September 2015

What Galaxies Have Done For You, a public talk at the The South Carolina State Museum in Columbia, SC, on the occasion of the Grand Opening of their new astronomy wing, planetarium, and telescope collection, August 2014

What Galaxies Have Done For You, a Family Night public talk at STScI, July 2014


Cosmic fog and smog, an invited News & Views article for Nature, January 2015

Metals: Nature's Tracer Particles, an article for STScI's semi-annual newsletter, Spring 2015

Guest Post: Young Astronomer Looks Back, an invited post on Hubble's 25th anniversary for The Last Word On Nothing, April 2015

Hubble Hangouts

Hubble Hangouts were one hour chats about astronomy, generally related to the Hubble Space Telescope. I have participated in several:
on Mocking the Universe, a workshop on the interface of models and survey design at STScI that I was the chair of the Science Organizing Committee for in July 2015;
on how Most Earth-like Planets Have Yet To Be Born, related to my paper with Peter Behroozi on History and Future of Cosmic Planet Formation;
on the Hubble Spectroscopic Legacy Archive.

Social Media, etc.

That's a fancy phrase for "I'm on twitter."

I like guesting on podcasts! I was on the Hanselminutes podcast in March 2019 and the People Behind the Science podcast in January 2017.