My trajectory

And other c.v. related items.

I grew up in Columbia, South Carolina, where I attended public schools and did lots of science and math things, including attending the Research Science Institute in 2000.

I went to MIT for college; I lived at Random Hall and got my S.B. in Physics in 2005. At MIT, I was Refreshments Director for the Lecture Series Committee and co-founded a club about beef. I was also partially responsible, along with two friends from Harvard, for the burgeoning of the Harvard-MIT Mathematics Tournament. During this time HMMT went from having only 150ish participants to around 600 (which at the time we were marginally prepared for at best).

From 2005 to 2010, I was at Ohio State in Columbus, Ohio, where I acquired a cat and earned my PhD in Astronomy.

From 2010 to 2013, I was a Southern California Center for Galaxy Evolution Fellow based at UCLA, where I learned that seasons are better visited than lived through.

I have been at STScI in Baltimore, Maryland since 2013; I was a postdoc for a year and joined the staff as a tenure-track AURA Astronomer in 2014.

My full c.v. is here.