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ISR WFPC2/95-04

A Demonstration Analysis Script for Performing Aperture Photometry

Brad Whitmore and Inge Heyer

July 1995


A demonstration IRAF/STSDAS script to perform aperture photometry on WFPC2 images of Omega-Cen has been developed and is described in this document. The primary goal is to provide an easy-to-use example that can help introduce observers to the use of scripts, and to demonstrate a few of the commonly used IRAF/STSDAS capabilities. It has been developed and tested under IRAF version v2.10.3BETA(08/18/94) for Sun OS 4.1. The script will also be used by the WFPC2 group at STScI as a template from which to test a wide variety of different effects on aperture photometry (e.g., hot pixels, CTE, undersampling, geometric distortions, edge effects, etc.). Two sections of auxiliary information are included. One section provides information on how to download the script and notes on running the script. The other section provides a list of other commonly used IRAF and STSDAS tasks for working with WFPC2 data, along with other useful information.

Portion of the Omega-Cen field showing two of the stars in common with Harris et al. (white squares and numbers) and the fainter objects (black circles and numbers).

1. - A Description of the Script
Step 1: Remove Working Files
Step 2: Cosmic Ray Removal
Step 3: Hot Pixel Removal
Step 4: Trim Off the Region Occulted by the Pyramid
Step 5: Identify the Object
Step 6: Aperture Photometry
Step 7: Merge the Tables into one Table and Calculate the Mean Value of (F555W - F814W)
Step 8: Compare the Results with Harris et al.
Step 9: Display the Image and Mark the Objects
Step 10: Use IGI to Plot the Color-Magnitude Diagram
Step 11: Make a LaTeX File and Preview the Results
2. - Downloading the Files and Notes for Running the Script
3. - IRAF/STSDAS Tasks Used in This Script
General settings and information:
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