The Restoration of HST Images and Spectra - II

Table of Contents


Beyond Richardson-Lucy

PSFs, Phase Retrieval, and Blind Deconvolution

Practical Problems

Photometry, Analysis, and Model Fitting

Summing Up

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Preface, R. J. Hanisch & R. L. White

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Adaptive Regularized Restoration Algorithms Applied to HST Images, Aggelos K. Katsaggelos, Moon Gi Kang & Mark R. Banham

Pixon-Based Image Restoration, R. C. Puetter & R. K. Piña

Iterative/Recursive Deconvolution with Application to HST Data, James M. Coggins, Laura Kellar Fullton & Bruce W. Carney

Adaptive Least Squares Image Restoration Using Whitening Filters of Short Length, B. Bundschuh, D. Schneider & H. Schulz

Image Restoration & Super-Resolution by Novel Applications of a Neural Network, Gordon Chin, Stephen L. Mahan & William E. Blass

Model Updating in the MEM Algorithm, Nailong Wu

Interactive Deconvolution with Error Analysis, K. Bouyoucef, D. Fraix-Burnet & S. Roques

Towards HST Restoration with a Space-Variant PSF, Cosmic Rays & Other Missing Data, Hans-Martin Adorf

Image Restorations of High Photometric Quality, L. B. Lucy

Image Restorations of High Photometric Quality. II. Examples, R. N. Hook & L. B. Lucy

Beyond Richardson-Lucy

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Generalized Cross-Validation as a Stopping Rule for the Richardson-Lucy Algorithm, Kevin M. Perry & Stanley J. Reeves

Image Restoration Using the Damped Richardson-Lucy Method, Richard L. White

Image Restoration with Denoising Using Multi-Resolution, Jean-Luc Starck, Fionn Murtagh & Albert Bijaoui

Prior Models & the Richardson-Lucy Restoration Method, R. Molina, J. Mateos & J. Abad

HST Image Restoration with Variable Resolution, Jorge Núñez & Jorge Llacer

Regularization & Smoothing for the Restoration of Hubble Space Telescope Images, P. Benvenuti, F. Maggio & S. Seatzu

Compensation for Read-Out Noise in HST Image Restoration, Donald L. Snyder, Carl W. Helstrom, Aaron D. Lanterman, Mohammad Faisal & Richard L. White

PSFs, Phase Retrieval, and Blind Deconvolution

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Effect of OTA Breathing on Hubble Space Telescope Images, H. Hasan & P. Y. Bely

Comparisons Between Observed & Model PSFs in WFPC Image Restoration, J. Mo & R. J. Hanisch

FOC Image Restoration Using Calculated PSFs on Parallel Architectures, Raadhakrishnan Poovendran, John E. Dorband & Jan M. Hollis

Approximate Shift-Invariance by Warping Shift-Variant Systems, Scott R. McNown & Bobby R. Hunt

Improved Prescription Retrieval & PSF Modeling Code, David Redding, Meemong Lee & Sam Sirlin

Better HST Point-Spread Functions: Phase Retrieval & Blind Deconvolution, Richard L. White

Simultaneous Phase Retrieval & Deblurring for the Hubble Space Telescope, Timothy J. Schulz & Stephen C. Cain

Blind Deconvolution of HST Simulated Data, Julian C. Christou, Stuart M. Jefferies & Mark W. Robison

Practical Problems

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Some Problems of Practical Image Restoration, Ivan R. King

WFPC & WFPC 2 Instrumental Characteristics, J. Biretta

Restoration of FOC Imaging Data: Some Considerations, Dave Baxter

FOC Observations of SN 1987A: The Movie, Peter Challis

Superresolution of SN 1987A: A Comparative Deconvolution Study, D. S. Briggs

WFPC Image Restoration & Undersampling Problems, S. M. Simkin & P. T. Robinson

Sub-Stepping as a WFPC Observing Strategy, W. Freudling

Optimal Combination of Sub-Stepped Spectra, J. R. Walsh & L. B. Lucy

Application of the Pixon Based Restoration to HST Spectra & Comparison to the Richardson-Lucy & Jansson Algorithms: Restoration of Absorption Lines, Athanassios Diplas, Edward A. Beaver, Phillip R. Blanco, Robert K. Piña & Richard C. Puetter

Photometry, Analysis, and Model Fitting

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Evaluation of Image Restoration Algorithms Applied to HST Images, I. C. Busko

Star Detection, Astrometry, and Photometry in Restored PC Images, Don Lindler, Sara Heap, Jarita Holbrook, Eliot Malumuth, Dara Norman & Patricia C. Vener-Saavedra

Improved Photometry of HST Data With Iterative/Recursive Deconvolution Techniques, L. K. Fullton, B. W. Carney, K. A. Janes, J. M. Coggins & P. Seitzer

Assessment of Methods Used for HST Image Reconstruction, M. Bertero, F. Maggio, E.R. Pike & D. Fish

DAOPHOT Reductions of the Simulated Cluster Field, Peter B. Stetson

Precision Photometry at the LMC Center: Simulating Post-COSTAR HST Observations, P. Linde, R. Snel & S. Spannare

Photometric & Surface Brightness Measurements of Simulated HST Restored Images, F. Fusi Pecci, L. Federici, G. Parmeggiani, F. R. Ferraro, C. Cacciari, G. Iannicola, C. E. Corsi, R. Buonanno, F. Zavatti & O. Bendinelli

Surface Brightness Parameters from Deconvolved PC Images of Elliptical Galaxies, Laura Ferrarese & Holland C. Ford

Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Galaxy Morphology: Faint HST Wide Field Camera Images, Kavan U. Ratnatunga, Richard E. Griffiths & Stefano Casertano

High Resolution Measurements from HST Power Spectra, P. Nisenson, E. Falco, R. Gonsalves & S. Ebstein

Cramér-Rao Bound - Accuracy of HST Image Restoration, R. A. Gonsalves, T. S. Zaccheo, S. M. Ebstein, P. Nisenson

Imaging Performance of HST Compared to Future Ground-Based Adaptive Optics Systems, Adeline Caulet & Wolfram Freudling

Summing Up

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Scientific Results from Deconvolved Images, William C. Keel

Where Have We Been, Where Are We Now, Where Are We Going?, T. J. Cornwell