Image of Kermit dewar

Kermit the ORC

(Offner Relay Camera, that is)

Kermit is an infrared astronomical camera incorporating a state-of-the-art Rockwell Hawaii 2 20482 detector, sensitive from 0.8-2.5 microns. The all-reflecting Offer Relay optics are optimized for very low scattered light, suitable for companion searches close to bright stars.   The large-format detector enables very high resolution sampling without sacrificing field of view; Kermit will have a plate scale of 15 milliarcseconds per pixel at AEOS, providing very well sampled measurements of the AO point spread function.

Kermit was built collaboratively by groups at the University of Hawaii and University of California, Berkeley, led by Profs. Jeff Kuhn and James Graham, respectively. See the Kermit Team page for more.

Kermit is the science camera for the Lyot Project AEOS Coronagraph, being developed by Dr. Ben Oppenheimer of AMNH.

Why "Kermit"? Well, it's green...

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