Bethesda-Chevy Chase Senior High School

Class of 1960

Watercolor of B-CC by Jane Walsh, taken from the B-CC web site

50th Reunion

Information on the 50th Reunion, which was held October 15-17, 2010, is at this commercial site:

This web site was inspired by discussions at our October 13-15, 2000, 40th Reunion, but it lay dormant until the summer of 2004, when there was a flurry of e-mails among classmates reminiscing about Miss Casey, and your WebBaron was inspired to put more effort into the site.

The site will contain news items, a class directory, and updated information about each member of the class. Comments and suggestions are invited!  A separate group of classmates recently decided to set up their own independent Class of 1960 website (see above), but I will maintain this one as long as anyone is interested in following it.

B-CC has its own website: click here. You are also encouraged to support the activities of the B-CC Educational Foundation.  The Foundation has a website for B-CC Alumni.


August 31, 2004: An e-mail from Ditty Barrow on August 29 brought the sad news that beloved/feared English teacher Miss Casey has passed away at the age of 96. Click here for a copy of the obituary that appeared in the August 29 Washington Post that describes her fascinating life. Quite a few classmates have been exchanging e-mail reminiscences about Miss Casey over the past few days.

November 21, 2004: An e-mail from Ditty Barrow brings the news of the passing of chemistry & biology teacher Ralph "Ike" Iacangelo at the age of 80. Click here for the Washington Post obituary.

January 3, 2005: I was saddened today to discover an online obituary for our classmate, Prof. Phillip Clarke, who passed away on October 16, 2004. I am sure many of you remember him as an expert pianist, and indeed he had a distinguished career as a professor of music. His university has a memorial web page, and I have extracted the text here.  There is also a longer article here, and the extracted text is here.

January 15, 2005: A nice e-mail from classmate Karen Fite has arrived, with news of Miss Casey and some of her surviving relatives. Karen's message is posted here.

February 24, 2005: Sing-huen Morgan (singhuen AT sends out an excellent regular e-mail Newsletter to B-CC alumni; you can contact her to subscribe. Her February Newsletter carries the sad news that "former B-CC Math Teacher Nicholas Guidara, 84, passed away Aug. 19, 2004. Guidara was born July 2, 1920, in Lynn, Mass. and served in the U.S. Army during World War II."

April 12, 2005: A surprise 80th birthday party was held in Wilmington, Del., in honor of Miss Ann Fullerton, beloved B-CC biology teacher. Classmates from 1960 in attendance included Cathy (Page) Raphael (the organizer of the event), Diane (Chapman) Kent, Mary (Fisher) Fletcher, Jennifer (Jones) Quinn, and Howard Bond. Several more classmates could not attend, but sent entries for the memory book. For further information (and a copy of the DVD video of the event!), contact Cathy. The B-CC website has a news story about this event, and there are photos as well.

July 15, 2005: Cathy (Page) Raphael writes that she still has DVD's of the surprise party for Miss Fullerton available. Contact her directly to obtain a copy.

August 3, 2005: Richard Gambatese e-mails "I have been in the SF Bay area since 1967 and have been living in the Napa Valley for over twenty years.  I'm retired from a long career in pharmaceutical and biotech sales and sales management. I work part time at Schramsberg Vineyards in Calistoga giving tours and pouring wine. I have fond rememberences of my years at B-CC! Wishing all my fellow alumni the best!"

August 12, 2005: Gary Pozgay writes "You probably don't remember me, I hardly do myself.  You and I had a couple of classes together during our junior and senior years.  Saw your web page and thought I'd check in with you.  Joined the Army after graduation, stayed in for 21 years.  Couldn't decide what I wanted to do when I grew up.  Retired from the Army, finished college (BA and MBA) and opened my own business and taught college-level computer courses.  Moved to North Dakota in 1999 and retired in 2004; took a position pastoring the Church of the Nazarene in Tuttle, ND.  Do you remember Jim Crocker?  I know he was headed to The Citadel.  Never heard a word from or about him since graduation."

January 6, 2006: The New Year has brought an e-mail from classmate Aileen (Blankinship) Fletcher.  "It's hard to believe it's been so long since I climbed up to the third floor to take a Latin class in a classroom with dormer windows and then went down to the first floor for art and choir.  I remember a breezeway between buildings, quite chilly in the winter. I am still teaching at New River Community college in Dublin, Va. Art and photography are my subjects.  One class, art appreciation, is entirely on line, so I never know what my students look like unless they post a picture.  Papers arrive by drop box and slide lectures are all posted in Blackboard.  I prefer teaching face to face.  My favorite subject is photography.  I am still balancing between film and digital photography  but I'm sure the future is digital.  A student made a new web site for me, and I'm posting it here: [Note from the WebBaron: Aileen's photographs are wonderful! Take a look!]  I heard from Karen Fite and Jean Sumner this Christmas and I'll be in D.C. for Ingrid (Thorsen) Mongini's daughter's wedding in January. It's great to be a grandmother!  My daughter Maria Fletcher Hughes has a girl Nell, 2, and a boy, Gibson, 2 months."

February 4, 2006: The B-CC alumni website brings the news that B-CC foreign language teacher Eleanor Bingham has passed away on December 30, 2005, at the age of 97. Click here for further information, and here for a short obituary from the Washington Post. Your WebMeister remembers her German classes with great fondness, and indeed it is not too much to say that those classes were a life-changing event for me. But the news makes me regret that I never thanked her--or any of our other B-CC teachers (except for Miss Fullerton; see above)--for the tremendous influence they had on our lives. Are any of you in touch with any of our teachers who are still with us?

March 2, 2006: Ana (Sol) Gutiérrez, lively cheerleader during our B-CC years, writes that she is a recently elected member of the Maryland House of Delegates, representing the Bethesda/Chevy Chase area. She says "I'm in Annapolis during the week, from Jan 11 to April 12 in the final session. This is my 1st four-year term."  I googled her, and found that there is a detailed biography, photos, and other material at Check out her amazing record of accomplishments and public service!  4/29/06 update: Ana was interviewed today on NPR's Weekend Edition Saturday program. Listen here.

March 9, 2006: Dr. Cathy Briggs writes that she is still in Yemen, probably for another year or two, where she is involved in a USAID-funded health project. She thinks it may already be time to start thinking seriously about a 50th Reunion!

April 24, 2006: I continue to be amazed at the contributions to society being made by our classmates!  Paul Todd has written with an interesting e-mail about all of the activities and good causes he is involved in, living in Anchorage, Alaska. Click here to read his e-mail.  He also mentioned his days in the band and orchestra at B-CC, and that he had been saddened in 2003 to learn that beloved B-CC orchestra leader Chester Petranek had passed away at the age of 87.  Paul sent me a copy of the Washington Post  obituary, which you can read here.

May 29, 2006: My sister (Phyllis [Bond] Walker, B-CC '62, visiting the East Coast from her home in California), and I took a nostalgic walk around the B-CC campus today. The extensive renovations are done, but the exterior facing East-West Highway is still much as it appears in the photos below from 4 decades ago (although, at a temperature of 95 degrees, there was no snow to be seen!). Lots of memories, as fresh as if they happened yesterday, came to mind as we walked around.

June 14, 2006: More sad news to report. Jeremy Harris (B-CC '62) writes that his sister and our classmate, Kathy (Harris) Gutow, passed away in October 2004. She had lived in Nashville for many years, and is survived by her husband, two children, and three grandchildren.

August 4, 2006: There has been a flurry of e-mails from classmates in the past few days. Several have provided new information for the Class Directory (see below). Several also sent me their home addresses and phone numbers, which I will not put on this public website; but anyone can contact me if they would like this information about a classmate. Ditty Barrow is interested in organizing a Class dinner this fall; contact her if interested. UPDATE August 13: dinner is planned for October 11.

August 4, 2006: Cathy (Page) Raphael writes with an update on Miss Fullerton (10th-grade biology teacher): "She badly sprained her ankle & has a swollen leg (and chipped tooth) from a fall 2 weeks ago at Rehoboth. She is recuperating at home with her foot up (and doesn't want visitors - but it is okay to send her a get-well card or something). Her address is 2014 Kirkwood Highway, Wilmington, DE 19805."

August 4, 2006: When I visited my parents' winter home in Texas last spring, I was going through some ancient stuff in one of their closets for another reason, and stumbled upon an item that I had completely forgotten: a phonograph record entitled The Log, which seems to be a record in sound of our Senior Year at B-CC. Not having an easy way to play LP records any more, I can only list a few items from the back cover: the record was prepared by the "Log Committee: Ditty Barrow (Chair); John Goldsmith (narrator); Jim McElroy (engineer); Penny Hewson & John Kirk (script); and Peggy Dirks (cover art)." Side 1 is "B-CC Sounds Off" (miscellaneous sounds of the school year), and Side 2 contains musical performances from several concerts. With sufficient prodding, I could post reproductions of the front & back covers on this website, or even figure out how to convert the record to an mp3 file and post it on the site for your listening enjoyment (I'd need my son's technical assistance to do that!).  (PS-I can't help thinking, with amusement, that the preceding sentence would have made absolutely no sense to any of us in 1960!)

August 5, 2006: Judy (Warren) Howarth has discovered the site and writes: "I was visiting my dad at Riderwood Village in Silver Spring and ran into Floris Davison, the coach of our basketball team who won the state championship in 1959 at the University of Maryland.  As does my dad, he has macular degeneration and is almost completely blind. He had a lot of questions about members of the team and would love to hear from any of them.  His address is 3124 Gracefield Road, Apt. 205, Silver Spring MD 20904. I missed not having a 45th reunion and am interested in joining Ditty for dinner with whomever can come.  If there was one, my dad would be going to his 70th reunion from BCC."

August 6, 2006: Judy (Colton) Christensen, our "official" class record keeper, and active member of the reunion committees for each of our 4 class reunions, writes: "I have addresses/phone numbers/email addresses for many of the class whom I keep in constant touch with.  I will send them all to you and I will send your web information to them.  In the meantime, why don't you and I keep in close contact as this information rolls in so we have a good record when planning for the 50th Reunion starts.  I keep in touch with many of our classmates so can give you lots of information!!  I recently spent a wonderful weekend with 6 friends from B-CC.  Linda (Garvin) Meyerson, Frieda (Faber) Bohraus, Nancy (Edmonds) Gilstrap, and Bonnie (Bohnke) Sersland all joined Barbara Audley in beautiful San Antonio, Texas, for 3 days.  It was Fiesta Week in San Antonio, which was a terrific experience.  We had a wonderful reunion."

December 28, 2006: Milan D. Smith has discovered this site and writes: "Much has occurred in the 46 years since we attended high school and we generally seem to have experienced the full gamut of what life offers. For any who might be interested, I have seven children, including one stepchild and 4½ grandchildren to date. I chose law as a profession and graduated from the University of Chicago Law School in 1969. My wife is also a lawyer. After practicing law for 37 years, I became a United States Circuit Judge for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit on May 18, 2006. I love my new job and feel very privileged to help decide very interesting cases for the balance of my life." Your WebBaron notes that Milan may be the only member of our class who is so famous he has his own entry in Wikipedia.

December 28, 2006: I spoke too soon. Other members of our class listed in Wikipedia include authors Margaret George and the late Jack Haldeman (1941-2002), and I'll bet there are others. There is also an entry for Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School, with the interesting news that Time Magazine had rated B-CC as the best high school in America, back in ... (wait for it) ... 1960!!!

March 15, 2007: Classmate Jim McElroy has discovered the site. Read his news here.

May 31, 2007: The current issue of Newsweek has a list of the Top 100 high schools in the country. B-CC is in the list (at no. 45)! (Of course, its rank was even higher back in 1960!! See entry for 12/28/06.)

December 5, 2007: Classmate J D Eveland has discovered the site. Read his lengthy news here, and also check out his website,

March 27, 2008: An e-mail from Ditty Barrow brings the sad news that classmate Stuart Scharf has passed away. Click here to see the obituary from the Washington Post.

April 1, 2008: Classmate Dr. Peter M. Salisbury writes that he "completed his Ph.D. echelon Doctor of Management academic requirements at the University of Phoenix on December 31, 2007. His Dissertation is titled: The Effect of Emotional Intelligence on learning and leadership in adult learners. The research study is designed to accommodate national and international individuals 18 years and older at the associate, bachelor, masters, and doctorate academia levels. The study used quantitative bivariate correlation and regression methods for investigation of the variations and factors between Emotional Intelligence, learning, and leadership by examining educational relationships in undergraduate students." Congratulations to Peter!

February 21, 2009: Cathy (Page) Raphael wrote that she has located Penny Hewson--"my good old Tattler pal"--and she is the Director of the University of Virginia Press! She reports that Miss Fullterton is doing well.

April 18, 2010: A group of classmates got together yesterday at the home of Leslie (Fox) Kefauver in Bethesda. Those present (with their spouses) were Dick Brown, Ed Levine, Steve Johnson, and myself (aka Howard Bond). Showing that we are web-savvy in spite of our advanced ages, we were joined over the internet from California through the magic of web video by J D Eveland and Friedner Wittman. Apart from re-living old times at B-CC, we honored Steve's wife Martha Johnson, recently appointed by President Obama to the post of Administrator of the General Services Agency; we admired photos of Martha being sworn in by Vice-President Biden.

May 20, 2010: Peggy (Mitchell) Braungart has discovered this site and provided an update; see the Class Directory below for her entry.

July 24, 2010: My sister Phyllis (B-CC Class of 1962) points out that the commercial website now has online versions of our yearbook, The Pine Tree, which you can skim through page by page. Amazing! They have all three of our years, 1958, 1959, and 1960 available online. Unfortunately, you can only look at the first few pages for free and have to pay them to see the rest. Not a problem for me, because I still have my hardcopies of all 3 books, carefully preserved, and signed by many of you! With a bit of detective work, I deduced that the books belonged to Margaret (Vollmer) Woodrough. I wonder how they obtained her copies for scanning?

September 26, 2010: Cathy (Page) Raphael writes with a short bio of, and some sad news about, Karen (Carnes) Debley. "Karen attended the University of Maryland for two years and married classmate Merle Coe. They were married for 10 years but later divorced. She and Merle had no children together, but she later married Harold Debley, father of six. She and Harold have one son, William Debley, born in 1977, who makes his living as an Elvis impersonator (and one of the best--invited to Graceland every year). She worked for at least 10 years at the Corner Pub in Silver Spring at the corner of Colesville Rd. & University Boulevard.  Altogether, she has 1 son, 6 stepchildren, 1 grandchild, 12 step-grandchildren, and 5 step-greatgrandchildren. She attended a B-CC pre-reunion dinner in the DC area about 5 years ago, but since then moved to PA (see Class Directory below). Karen has been suffering badly with Alzheimer's disease for the past 3 years, but would appreciate cards from her classmates, according to her stepdaughter and caregiver, Dawn Cloud.  Send to: Karen Carnes Debley, 11396 Punch Bowl Rd, Mercersburg, PA 17236-9779; phone (717) 328-5909 ."

October 17, 2010: This website's 10th anniversary!  Lots of news to report from the 50th Reunion; stay tuned! 

October 19, 2010: Sad news: the Washington Post has published an obituary of classmate Professor J. Minor Sachlis, who passed away just before the Reunion on October 13. I have put a copy of the obituary here.

February 4, 2011: More sad news: the Baltimore Sun published an obituary of classmate Rev. William Baxter Jr., who passed away on January 13 in Ponte Vedra, Fla.  Bill was an Episcopal priest in Owings Mills, Md., for many years. A copy of the obituary is here.

February 17, 2011: Sorry to report that Karen (Carnes) Debley (see above) passed away on January 31, 2011.

June 1, 2013: Cathy (Page) Raphael writes about two of our teachers: "I was saddened to learn of the passing of our beloved English teacher, Mrs. Alice Cohill Marquez, on April 5, 2013 (last month). She has a lovely obituary online--but if you can't get it, let me know and I'll email it to you. She was one of my very favorite teachers--and I am so glad we did a brick for her and sent her a framed photograph of it. She was 100 yrs old!!! Her dates are 7/10/12 to 4/5/13. [WebBaron's note: there is a copy of the obituary here.] And Miss Ann Fullerton is now trying to recuperate in a rehabilitation hospital in Wilmington, DE, from nerve damage due to 2 hairline bone fractures. She has been laid up now for about 10 days. Her address, should anyone want to send her cards, is: Miss Ann E. Fullerton, Manor Care Rehabilitation, 5651 Limestone Road, Wilmington, DE 19808. She has not been feeling too well to receive visitors at this time."

The Tattler, October 23, 1959

The October 23, 1959, issue of The Tattler is available online by clicking here. A very incomplete list of names mentioned: Cathy Briggs, Dick Brown, Richard Cunningham, Sally Dublin, JD Eveland, Jerry Gimmel, Kathy Gula, Steve Johnson, Jennifer Jones, John Knutson, Leslie Lavine, Edward Levine, Kathy and Margaret Mikesell, Mike Mitchell, Cathy Page, Alix Roterus, Ana Sol, Durke Thompson, Friedner Wittman, and many others. Oh, also, Howard Bond. The paper reports that B-CC's total enrollment for 1959-60 was 1,953, including 584 seniors in the Class of 1960.

The 80th anniversary edition of The Tattler appeared in May 2007, and is available online here.  Section B may be of greatest interest to 1960 graduates, including a nice article on the history of the various renovations and new construction of the school over the years, along with Section C which has a lot of historical information about student life.

Mr. Allnutt, who oversaw The Tattler for many years, passed away in 1976, at the age of only 56. You can find his obituary here.

Pictures of B-CC around 1963

Class Directory

Name E-mail Home What are they doing now?

John Atkins jatkinssr AT Salisbury, MD Plant Engineer, Craig Adhesives, Newark, NJ
Jane Ditty Barrow jane.barrow AT  or janedittybarrow AT Alexandria, VA Patent Attorney with the Naval Sea Systems Command, Washington Navy Yard. more news
Mary (Baxter) Wilson maryknits AT  Timonium, MD Newsy e-mail received 8/4/06
Ann Beckett annie AT    
Aileen (Blankinship) Fletcher Aileen.Fletcher AT Dublin, VA Teaching art & photography at New River Community College
Howard Bond bond AT Cockeysville, MD Astronomer with Hubble Space Telescope, Baltimore
Catherine Briggs catherine_briggs AT   Working in Sana'a,Yemen, on USAID health project. Doesn't want to miss a 50th Reunion!
Robert Bonter bonfirexx AT Port Leyden, NY Attended B-CC 1957-58, remembers teachers & classmates fondly
Dick Brown brownbear2u AT Charlottesville, VA Retired. Volunteer work (Red Cross, 1 day a week; VA public schools, 2 days a week during school year).  Supporting selected political campaigns when they bloom (as this year).
Priscilla Callahan RoseC42 AT Denver, CO Has a CPA practice in Denver
Karen (Carnes) Debley   Mercersburg, PA Deceased; see above.
Diane (Chapman) Kent      
Judy (Colton) Christensen judybchristensen AT Potomac, MD  
Paul Combs pccombs AT  CA  
Clark Conkling theside AT Shady Side, MD Retired; searching out brewpubs and catfish joints.
E. Glion (Tig) Curtis ecurtis AT Westwood Hills, KS Retired; enjoying traveling, kids & grandkid
Thomas Cox tomcoxtoo AT    
Nancy (Edmonds) Gilstrap      
J D Eveland jde.pbt AT Los Angeles, CA Professor of Business Administration, TUI University. Visit JD at Newsy e-mail received 12/5/07
Joe Fisher lfisher21 AT Rockville, MD  
Mary (Fisher) Fletcher      
Karen Fite kfite AT Seattle, WA  
Leslie (Fox) Kefauver foxyslp AT Bethesda, MD Working part time in private practice as Speech/Language pathologist; enjoys theater and browsing DC museums
Richard Gambatese RGambatese AT Napa Valley, CA Retired; working part time at Schramsberg Vineyard
Linda (Garvin) Meyerson Lindameyerson AT Potomac, MD 8/4/06: Has been travelling with several classmates recently & will send more info soon
Jerry Gimmel ggimmel AT Gaithersburg, MD Newsy e-mail received 8/4/06
Ann (Hofstra) Grogg anngrogg AT    
Judy (Honeycutt) Katz jahkat AT    
Steve Johnson   Annapolis, MD  
Jennifer (Jones) Quinn jjquinn64 AT Severna Park, MD Retired; traveling & sports
Sharon "Cookie" Klompus klompslk AT Greenville, SC Retired from teaching at Wood Middle School in Rockville. Retirement in Greenville is fantastic! 
Edward Levine   Arnold, MD Staff member, US Senate Foreign Relations Committee
Carole (Mathers) Hertz cmhz AT Warrenton, VA 7/31/11: Working part-time in my practice (Dr. in Psychology) in Warrenton, Virginia. Many community involvements, travel, and the enjoyment of adult children and grandchildren.
Jim McElroy strophe AT Bellevue, WA Working for Honeywell in Redmond, WA. 3/15/07 e-mail here
Peggy (Mitchell) Braungart braung2 AT Manlius, NY 5/12/10: Retired Emeritus Professor from SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, NY, after 31 years; taught psychology and medical ethics.
Delo Mook Delo.E.Mook.II AT Cleveland Heights, OH Retired from career of teaching astronomy & physics at Dartmouth College
Cathy (Page) Raphael cathyraphael AT Newark, DE  
Gary Pozgay gpozgay AT Tuttle, ND Retired from US Army and business; pastor at Church of Nazarene in Tuttle
Hedy (St. Denis) Glenn   Reston, VA Retired from position with UN in Geneva 
Shari (St. Denis) Lama lamas AT  Arlington, VA Biomedical translator at NIH 
Peter Salisbury SalisburyPM AT or 
Peter.Salisbury AT
Chantilly, VA Doctor of Management with Naval Sea Systems Command, Washington DC, managing the Navy's Surface Warships with Integrated Warfare Systems
Milan D. Smith, Jr. mdsmb1919 AT Manhattan Beach, CA U. S. Circuit Judge, Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit
Alex Stein      
Ana (Sol) Gutiérrez ana_gutierrez AT Bethesda, MD Member of Maryland House of Delegates, representing Bethesda/Chevy Chase, especially active in issues related to children and education
Helen Claire (Stout) Sievers hcsievers AT Sudbury, MA Executive Director, WorldTeach 
Durke Thompson dthompson AT Potomac, MD Maryland Circuit Court Judge. Newsy e-mail received 8/3/06
Paul Todd paulto AT Anchorage, AK Paralegal and skiing instructor in Anchorage
Linda (Van Landingham) Wilson Linda AT Montgomery, AL 5/08: Retiring next month from counseling position with US Air Force; husband & I look forward to spending more time together & with friends and relatives. Five grandchildren happy we're retiring. 
Friedner Wittman   Berkeley, CA  
Judy (Warren) Howarth rwhjwh AT Royersford, PA  
Ron Wohl      

PLEASE if you move, retire, change your address, have some exciting news, etc., let me know!

Note: The above directory lists people that I have been in touch with recently, or have had news of, mostly through e-mails. I will only list e-mail addresses and other information for people who explicitly give me their permission!

Note: It is my recollection that there were 527 (or maybe it was 577) people in the Class of 1960, but there are only 51 names in the Directory above!!!  If you are in touch with any class members who aren't listed, be sure to tell them about this site, and have them contact me with (a) news of what they are up to, and (b) permission to list them in the directory!

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An old view of B-CC, from the B-CC web site

Plaque at the front of the old main building, photographed 10/16/2010

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