The MultiDrizzle Handbook


1.1 How to Use The MultiDrizzle Handbook

The MultiDrizzle Handbook is designed to help users learn about combining dithered observations. The information in this handbook has been drawn from the various individual HST instrument handbooks, as well as a considerable number of other separate documents available on the STScI Web site:

In Chapter 8, a bibliography of the relevant material is presented at the end of this handbook. The information in many of these older documents is out-of-date and has been updated as necessary when included in this handbook. They are referenced primarily for the sake of bibliographic completeness, and if they are consulted this caveat should be borne in mind.

Dithers are observations where the telescope is offset between exposures. The most common way of combining dithered HST images is to use the "Drizzle" algorithm (Fruchter & Hook 2002). This is predominantly done through the "MultiDrizzle" program (Koekemoer et at. 2002), which also performs many of the steps necessary between acquiring your data from the HST archive and combining it using the drizzle algorithm.

Users of HST range from the novice to the experienced black belt drizzler, So different users may want to use these pages in different ways. These are some suggestions for how to proceed:

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