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Aperture Corrections

This page presents revised calculations of the aperture corrections published in Sirianni et al. (2005, hereafter S05). Tabled corrections on this page are from Bohlin's ISR-II (2011) and ISR-IV (2012).

Table 1

Encircled Energy fractions for K type and hotter stars in 0.5" and 1.0" apertures.

Table 2

Encircled Energy within 0.5" for very cool stars as a function of spectral type. The recommended values are flagged with an asterisk. For spectral type + filter combinations with no asterisk, use the hot star values in column 2, which are copied from Table 1.

Table 3

As for Table 2, except that the Encircled Energy fractions are for a 1.0" aperture.

Table of WFC Encircled Energy corrections from S05.
Table of HRC Encircled Energy corrections from S05.


Last modified on May 11, 2012.