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Can I add WFPC2 coordinated parallels to my ACS observations?

Adding WFPC2 parallels to ACS Observations:
My science would really benefit from adding WFPC2 parallels
to my ACS observations. Is it OK for me to add them?

The information provided to Cycle 11 proposers was contradictory with
regard to using WFPC2 for coordinated parallel observations when ACS is
the prime instrument.  In the interests of fairness, PIs may request to
have WFPC2 coodinated parallels added to their program.  This may only
be done if the prime instrument is ACS, and the need for coordinated
parallels must be fully justified to show that the parallels will
provide useful science and to show that science from the parallels is
directly related to the goals of the primary program.  Please bear in
mind that a default WFPC2 parallel program exists to obtain generic
observations whenever possible.

If you wish to add coordinated parallels to your ACS program, you must
submit a Program Change Request by going to: