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HDFI SWG Report 2102

Total number selected: 28.

Boylan-Kolchin, M., Bullock, J. S., & Garrison-Kimmel, S. 2014, MNRAS, 443, L44 - 2014MNRAS.443L..44B
    "Near-field limits on the role of faint galaxies in cosmic reionization"

Yue, B., et al. 2014, MNRAS, 443, L20 - 2014MNRAS.443L..20Y
    "Ultra-faint high-redshift galaxies in the Frontier Fields"

Schultz, C., et al. 2014, MNRAS, 442, 1597 - 2014MNRAS.442.1597S
    "The high-z universe confronts warm dark matter: Galaxy counts, reionization and the nature of dark matter"

Rawle, T. D., et al. 2014, MNRAS, 442, 196 - 2014MNRAS.442..196R
    "Star formation in the massive cluster merger Abell 2744"

Diego, J. M. 2014, arXiv, arXiv:1406.3036 - 2014arXiv1406.3036D
    "LensExplorer, a tool for the visualization of the gravitational lensing effect in the Hubble Frontiers Fields clusters"

Jauzac, M., et al. 2014, arXiv, arXiv:1406.3011 - 2014arXiv1406.3011J
    "Hubble Frontier Fields: The Geometry and Dynamics of the Massive Galaxy Cluster Merger MACSJ0416.1-2403"

Lam, D., et al. 2014, arXiv, arXiv:1406.2702 - 2014arXiv1406.2702L
    "A Rigorous Free-form Lens Model of Abell 2744 to Meet the Hubble Frontier Fields Challenge"

Diego, J. M., et al. 2014, arXiv, arXiv:1406.1217 - 2014arXiv1406.1217D
    "Free Form Lensing Implications for the Collision of Dark Matter and Gas in the Frontier Fields Cluster MACSJ0416.1-2403"

Jauzac, M., et al. 2014, arXiv, arXiv:1405.3582 - 2014arXiv1405.3582J
    "Hubble Frontier Fields : A High Precision Strong Lensing Analysis of Galaxy Cluster MACSJ0416.1-2403 using ~200 Multiple Images"

Richard, J., et al. 2014, arXiv, arXiv:1405.3303 - 2014arXiv1405.3303R
    "Mass and magnification maps for the Hubble Space Telescope Frontier Fields clusters: implications for high redshift studies"

Montes, M., & Trujillo, I. 2014, arXiv, arXiv:1405.2070 - 2014arXiv1405.2070M
    "Intra-Cluster Light at the Frontier: Abell 2744"

Johnson, T. L., et al. 2014, arXiv, arXiv:1405.0222 - 2014arXiv1405.0222J
    "Lens models and magnification maps of the six Hubble Frontier Fields clusters"

Atek, H., et al. 2014, ApJ, 786, 60 - 2014ApJ...786...60A
    "Probing the z > 6 Universe with the First Hubble Frontier Fields Cluster A2744"

Coe, D., Bradley, L., & Zitrin, A. 2014, arXiv, arXiv:1405.0011 - 2014arXiv1405.0011C
    "Frontier Fields: High-Redshift Predictions and Early Results"

Ebeling, H., Ma, C.-J., & Barrett, E. 2014, ApJS, 211, 21 - 2014ApJS..211...21E
    "Spectroscopic Redshifts of Galaxies within the Frontier Fields"

Vanzella, E., et al. 2014, ApJ, 783, L12 - 2014ApJ...783L..12V
    "Characterizing Faint Galaxies in the Reionization Epoch: LBT Confirms Two L < 0.2 Lsstarf Sources at z = 6.4 Behind the CLASH/Frontier Fields Cluster MACS0717.5+3745"

Bayliss, M. B., et al. 2014, ApJ, 783, 41 - 2014ApJ...783...41B
    "Line-of-sight Structure toward Strong Lensing Galaxy Clusters"

Monna, A., et al. 2014, MNRAS, 438, 1417 - 2014MNRAS.438.1417M
    "CLASH: z ˜ 6 young galaxy candidate quintuply lensed by the frontier field cluster RXC J2248.7-4431"

Zheng, W., et al. 2014, arXiv, arXiv:1402.6743 - 2014arXiv1402.6743Z
    "Young Galaxy Candidates in the Hubble Frontier Fields. I. Abell 2744"

Schmidt, K. B., et al. 2014, ApJ, 782, L36 - 2014ApJ...782L..36S
    "Through the Looking GLASS: HST Spectroscopy of Faint Galaxies Lensed by the Frontier Fields Cluster MACSJ0717.5+3745"

Laporte, N., et al. 2014, A&A, 562, L8 - 2014A&A...562L...8L
    "The first Frontier Fields cluster: 4.5 μm excess in a z ~ 8 galaxy candidate in Abell 2744"

Brammer, G., et al. 2014, ATel, 5728, 1 - 2014ATel.5728....1B
    "New Supernova in the HST Frontier Field MACSJ0717.5+4745"

Mashian, N., & Loeb, A. 2013, JCAP, 12, 17 - 2013JCAP...12..017M
    "Constraining the minimum luminosity of high redshift galaxies through gravitational lensing"

D'Aloisio, A., Natarajan, P., & Shapiro, P. R. 2013, arXiv, arXiv:1311.1614 - 2013arXiv1311.1614D
    "The Effect of Large-Scale Structure on the Magnification of High-Redshift Sources by Cluster-Lenses"

Balestra, I., et al. 2013, A&A, 559, L9 - 2013A&A...559L...9B
    "CLASH-VLT: spectroscopic confirmation of a z = 6.11 quintuply lensed galaxy in the Frontier Fields cluster RXC J2248.7-4431"

Rodney, S. A., Lotz, J., & Strolger, L.-G. 2013, ATel, 5496, 1 - 2013ATel.5496....1R
    "Discovery of a Supernova in HST imaging of the MACSJ0717 Frontier Field"

Pacucci, F., Mesinger, A., & Haiman, Z. 2013, MNRAS, 435, L53 - 2013MNRAS.435L..53P
    "Focusing on warm dark matter with lensed high-redshift galaxies"

Bradley, L. D., et al. 2013, arXiv, arXiv:1308.1692 - 2013arXiv1308.1692B
    "CLASH: A Census of Magnified Star-Forming Galaxies at z ~ 6-8"