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COS Calibration

Team Lead: Cristina Oliveira

Calibration Lead: Hugues Sana
Calibration Deputy: Andrew Fox

Calibration programs will monitor COS performance and will provide information needed to calibrate supported observing modes. Each cycle, a set of calibration programs will be assembled and approved by the Director. The following is a table of all the calibration plans.

Cycle 22 Summary Table Final Plan  
Cycle 21 Summary Table Final Plan  
Cycle 20 Summary Table Final Plan  
Cycle 19 Summary Table Final Plan  
Cycle 18 Summary Table Final Plan  
Cycle 17 Summary Table Final Plan
Final Supplemental Plan

The Summary tables contain the list of all the calibration programs for each cycle. The Final Calibration Plans describe briefly the purpose, accuracies, and resources for each of these programs. The results and status of the calibration programs at the end of each cycle will be documented in the Close-out Reports.

COS Airglow Observations

We have received requests for high-S/N observations of the geocoronal Lyman-alpha line profile observed with the G130M and G140L gratings. Such observations would allow users to model and subtract the line wings from their spectra. We provide a listing of both deliberate and accidental airglow observations on the COS Airglow Web site. If you discover any others, please let us know! In addition, we have posted a list of airglow lines observed in FUSE and HUT data which may be present in COS observations.