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Release of CALCOS v2.13.6

CALCOS v2.13.6 was released as part of STSDAS 3.13 in December 2010 and was installed in the Operations Archive on January 19, 2011 (OPUS Release 2010.4). A detailed list of changes related to CALCOS v2.13.6 can be found on the "CALCOS Release Notices" web page at The most relevant changes to CALCOS introduced by this version are detailed below.

Users should be aware that CALCOS v2.13.6 does not accept CORRTAG files as an input. This does not affect the Archive pipeline, which uses the *RAW* files only. We are working on a fix and hope to be able to issue a patch to the STSDAS CALCOS task soon.

Release notes on STSDAS 3.13 can be found at