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Tables available for pysynphot/Synphot

(The Exposure Time Calculators use a dedicated installation of these files, which is updated on the ETC release schedule and may not be the same as the files listed here.)

There are five basic types of files (FITS tables) we use with the STSDAS software package Synphot and its successor pysynphot.

These five types of synphot tables are used by the software to estimate the total throughput of any given observing mode or configuration. New synphot files or updates are also delivered to OPUS via the same basic CDBS reference file delivery process with some specific changes that are described in the TIR.

The tmc, tmg, and tmt tables are also kept in their own directory, called "mtab". They are uniquely named using the uniqname schema, with rootnames endings as described above.

If you are using Synphot or Pysynphot you might want to obtain the latest version of the data it uses in its calculations. Since the set of pysynphot data files is rather large, they are distributed in separate tar files.


The gzipped tarfiles listed below can be obtained from: Note that there can be issues with certain browsers (e.g., Safari). Alternatively, you can do the following:

          ftp to
          username is anonymous, password is your email address
          cd to pub/hst/pysynphot and download the desired file(s).


To retrieve individual throughput tables, please do the following:

If you have any problems, please contact the ReDCaT Team at: