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The Observatory Monitoring System development team is part of the STScI Systems Engineering and Science Division.

The Observatory Monitoring System and Observation Log development team includes P. Bely, B. Toth, X. Liu, J. Pan, J. Rose, and O. Lupie. A great deal of assistance was provided by R. Doxsey, A. Holm, D. Fraquelli, F. Hamilton, K. Whittenburg, J. Hershey, S. Baum, S. Parsons, J. Walters, T. Choo, A. Sen, D. Elkin, J. Isaacs, and J. Baum. Thanks to the Science Data Analysts, SESD Commanding and Engineers, OSS/PODPS Scientists, Colin Cox, Matt Lallo, the Instrument Scientists, and the software group headed by M.A. Rose. A special thanks to D. Whitman and H. Payne.

The original version of this document was prepared by O. Lupie and B. Toth. It was updated to reflect the current state of observation log files in May 1996 and October 1997 by Matthew Lallo, and is now maintained by Lallo and OSG.